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Item:Six Year Old Cake

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Free giveaway per character, celebrating DDO's sixth anniversary, February 28, 2012.

Summons Cake Loving Djinni who opens up barter UI, to turn in the cake itself for various DDO store items:

  • Pork Barrel x3 - Special items usable in quests/raids that create a small explosive pork barrel.. It explodes after a few seconds dealing moderate fire damage, and causing a rain of 50 tasty hams you may collect and eat (Note: May get stuck in walls/terrain). Similar to the previous rain of hams from the last cake, only with more explosions. - BTC
  • +2 Tomes - BTC
  • Greater Slayer Count Boost (+50%) x5 - BTC
  • Concentrated "Best" (405-600sp) SP potions x25 - BTA
  • Concentrated "Regular" (25-145sp) SP potions x100 - BTC
  • Healing potions x100 - Cure Serious Wounds CL7 - "Store Heal" Variety that works equal on Warforged BTC
  • Healing potions x400 - Cure Light Wounds CL1 - "Starter Heal" Variety that works equal on Warforged BTC
  • Siberys Spirit Cake x4 (Resurrection) - BTA
  • Crafting XP Elixir x6 - (Major, +25%) BTA
  • Guild Renown Elixir x5 - (Medium, +50%) BTA
  • Ethereal Rest Shrine - (Eberron shard/Store variety, not usable in raids) BTA


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