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May I extend my warmest welcomes and offer you any help you may need? Thanks for your contributions, mate!

If you need help with something...

...I'm always available! You can drop a message on my user talk page (which I watch like a hawk) or grab my other contact info on my user page.
...There's a wealth of wiki documentation on the Help page, perhaps some of it may be of use to you.
...There's a really good Introduction over on Wikipedia also, it should help you figure out what's going on if your new to wikis in general.

I'd like to hear a reply! Just click Edit above, and write a message under where mine ends - then, at the end of your message (on the same line) type four tildes (Like this: ~~~~) to automatically insert a nickname linked to your user page, and a date/time signature!

Again, welcome to the wiki - and I can't thank you enough on behalf of the community for your help in making us the best DDO site around (-; Shade 10:52, March 01, 2021 Now that the official welcomes out of the way. I have a couple tips for you. I've noticed you creating/editing a lot of monster entry pages, but making inconsistant use of the updated template.. We appreciate the contributions, but it would be nice if you could make consistant use of the new template.. Even if you don't know all the fields, it will save us time if you at least put them in there blank for when we can find them out and update it.

Check the template here Template:Infobox-monster to get a full list of what should be inclulded in each page. If you have any questions about it, feel free to post on my talk page. And here's a paste of that as well for convience:


|image        = no pic.jpg
|type         = 
|race         = 
|alignment    = 
|level        = List it's Challenge Rating (CR).
|named        = Yes / No
|boss         = Yes / No / orange / red / purple - don't fill if using color instead
|color        = Yes (orange) / No / none / yellow / orange / red / purple (For non bosses)
|rare         = Yes / No (This will let us know if this is a monster that always spawns or not)
|attack       = List it's damage types (slash/blunt/pierce) and melee related special attacks
|qualities    = List it's special defenses (resistances, immunties, and magic related special attacks)
|organisation = 
|habitat      = 
|description  = 


  • Please fill all fields you use, but not all fields need to be entered. Leave out organisation or boss for example if it has none and it wont be displayed.
  • {{{race}}} is used to categorize the article under [[Category:{{{race}}} monsters]] - see Category:Monsters by type and its subcategories
  • {{{alignment}}} is used to categorize the article under [[Category:{{{alignment}}} monsters]] - see Category:Monsters by alignment
  • {{{level}}} refers to Challenge Rating. If you know it for multiple difficulties, List as ex: 10/15/20/35 (norm/hard/elite/epic)
  • When {{{named}}} is "yes", the article is also categorized under Category:Named Monsters
  • {{{boss}}} is used to further categorize the bosses. (You can use this instead of color for red named bosses. What exact constitutes a boss is debateable so use your judgement. If it's a raid boss, preferably don't use this template as raid bosses should have more in depth info listed.)
  • {{{color}}} is used to denote the type of enemy for non bosses. Don't fill it for bosses.
  • "organisation" parameter name is Oxford spelling, but on pages it shows up as American spelling "organization"
    • this section doesn't show up for named monsters Shade 14:12, August 12, 2011 (EDT)