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|Transmuting||Gets around many DRs||+2||Prefix |- |Puncturing||1d6 Con damage||+2||Suffix |- |Deception||+3 to Bluff||+1||Suffix |- |Roaring||+2d6 on critical plus shaken||+1|| |- |Songblade||+2 to Perform||+1|| |- |Finesse||Weapon Finesse feat, +2 enhancement to Dex||+2|| |- |Precision||Precise Shot feat||+2||Suffix |-

|Seeker +n||Provides a +n enhancement to confirm critical hits||+(n/2)||Prefix |- |Shatter +n||This effect gives a +n enhancement bonus to the DC to resist the character's Sunder and Improved Sunder attempts||+(n/2)||Suffix |- |Maiming||Extra damage on critical, based on critical range - x2-1d6, x3-2d6, x4-3d6||+1||Suffix |-

|Sneak Attack Bonus +n (Backstabbing)||Provides a +n competence bonus to-hit and damage for any attack qualifying as a Sneak Attack, regardless of your class||+n?||Suffix |-

Wizardry N - +N? Spell penetration N - VII -> 4 or 5, VI -> 4

|Bodyfeeder||15 temporary hp for 1 minute on critical hit||+?||Prefix |- |Banishing||Extraplanar creatures must make DC24 Will save or be banished||+5?||Prefix |-