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My Sandbox[edit]




  • {{#var:ItemType}}: >goggles<
  • {{#var:ItemType_Name}}: >Goggles<
  • {{#var:ItemType_Proficiency}}: >None<
  • {{#var:ItemType_AttributeSet}}: >Jewelry<
  • {{#var:ItemType_MinLevelCatSuffix}}: >items<
  • {{#var:ItemType_EquipsTo}}: >Eyes<
  • {{#var:ItemType_IconFile}}: >Icon item clothing goggles.png< Icon item clothing goggles.png


  • {{#var:ItemType}}: >scimitar<
  • {{#var:ItemType_Name}}: >Scimitar<
  • {{#var:ItemType_Proficiency}}: >Martial<
  • {{#var:ItemType_AttributeSet}}: >Weapon<
  • {{#var:ItemType_MinLevelCatSuffix}}: >weapons<
  • {{#var:ItemType_EquipsTo}}: >Main Hand, Off Hand<
  • {{#var:ItemType_IconFile}}: >Icon item weapon scimitar.png< Icon item weapon scimitar.png


{{Class name|Bard}} gives Bard {{Class name|art}} gives Artificier {{Class name|art|short=1}} gives Art {{Class name|Abrsn}} gives Unknown {{Class name|Abrsn|check=1}} gives ""<<


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