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Talk:Rust Monster

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What is the rust monster's greatest pre-fixable weakness for a crafted weapon? Acid is my thought.. I'm thinking about making either an Acid of Everbright maul or Acid of Abberition bane greatclub.. Not sure yet... Suggestions?? ShoeMaker 15:44, July 26, 2011 (EDT) Don't think rust monsters have much anything in the elemental resistances area.. So any kind of burst should work well. So a icy burst of greater abberation bane greatclub would work well. Vicious could be a bit more dmg if u dont mind the self dmg.

Best greatclub base is densewood also - highest hardness.

Haven't yet made mine, since greater abberation bane is a bit higher then where im at.. and have little interest in a weaker one atm.. Since shining devastation does well enough.

On the Ooze side, my prefered weapon is a strength sapping of everbright - as all ooze have only a 3 dex, that renders them helpless. Awesome for epic oozez even, as there stat damage resistance doesn't apply to this debuff

Maladroit or weakning should be fairly effective on non-epic rusts too. Fairly low str, moderate dex - to not on epic due to the stat dmg resistance. Shade 16:00, July 26, 2011 (EDT)