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This article has been moved to a less-accurate name. The topic is Aggro, not Hate; and those words have different meanings. Aggro is the rules for determining which enemy a monster attacks. As defined by DDO's in-game tooltips, Hate is the subset of aggro based on the amount of damage inflicted. Aspects such as first-detection aggro and intimidate-aggro are separate from "Hate". 12:13, January 12, 2008 (EST)

It seems like Hate stacks more often than not. For example, now with Update 11 out there, the two Defenders (Stalwart and of Siberys) get increasing Hate generation by Prestige Enhancement, plus a stackable amount when in their defensive stances. On top of that comes the Incite item enhancement and racial Enhancements. Given all of this stackable Hate generation, it would be nice to have that discussed further in the Wiki selection, in my opinion.

Update 19 and later changes[edit]

Many enhancements and abilities shown in this article have been outmoded with Update 19. Please update the page with class-tree based information. --Spencerian (ContributionsMessage) 14:59, October 8, 2014 (EDT)

Any character classes prefered to get attacked by monsers?[edit]

Are there any preferences in classes the monsters attack? In my experiences a Cleric is more often the first target of monsters even if a Fighter or Vanguard Paladin pulls a group of monsters - also when he does the first hits, the monsters often runs past him directly to the Cleric. --Hintereisen (ContribsMessage) 07:09, February 27, 2017 (EST)