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Talk:Green Steel items

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It's not immediately obvious to a noob if the greensteel "blank" is the same thing as, say, the greensteel bastard sword or longsword. Or is there a generic "greensteel blank" that is, itself, an ingredient to the base sword? In other words, do I just dump the ingredients for the specific weapon listed into the altar of fecundity and thus get, say, a 2d8 bastard sword? Or is there another, unlisted item, a "greensteel blank"? --

uum yea, it can be confusing to new people. maybe we need better wording for these articles. --yoko5000 21:23, April 16, 2011 (EDT)

For anonymous poster: Please provide details of testing that shows Toven's Hammer does indeed double the proc. chance of a Lit II effect. I'm curious how you determined the rate was up (to just under 4% if they are separate channels) with the in-game tools available.

How do the tiers work?[edit]

There's a specific order and terminology to upgrading that's mostly just assumed here. As far as I can tell, the order is associated with different crafting devices. Can someone please add it the the article, explaining the terminology? For example, I keep hearing about mineral/holy/mineral and lightning/holy/lightning greensteel weapons, yet cannot figure out what people are talking about. 02:00, April 5, 2012

Tier 0 - the base item. Built with pebbles and twigs n stuff. Use the Altar of Fecundity in the basement at Meridia.

Tier 1 - Adds low level effects. Uses Small ingredients. Uses the Altar of Invasion in Shroud phase 1.
Tier 2 - Adds mid level effects. Uses Medium ingredients. Uses the Alter of Subjugation in Shroud phase 3.
Tier 3 - Adds 1 or 2 high level effect (depending on if the recipe needs 1 or 2 Supreme Shards). Uses Large ingredients. Uses the Altar of Devastation in Shroud phase 5.
All 3 Altars can be found on Airships if the Guild is high enough level.
To plan your item, so you know exactly what ingredients you need and which Alter to put them in, check this planner. There are others but I like this one.

Snake (ContributionsMessage) 09:33, June 25, 2013 (EDT)