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Talk:Cross-class skill

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Re: edit summary - "Is there a way to make this automatic next time? :(" - wha? elliottcable (talk, site) 18:30, July 10, 2007 (EDT)

Changing a link to another one. I changed rank to a disambiguation so I need to change all rank to rank. By the way, aren't things in paratheses supposed to be invisible (in internal links)? Borror0 18:52, July 10, 2007 (EDT)
Not by default. But you don't have to type the name either - use something like this: [[rank (skill)|]] - the bar with nothing after it shortens the name, removing parentheticals, interwiki links, and namespace info ([[User:SilverSide (old)|]] shortens to User:SilverSide on save, and so on). Also, mass changes to the wiki of that sort are what SilverBot is... was... for. I don't know if she's still working with SilverSide gone, maybe I could resurrect her at some point. elliottcable (talk, site) 19:05, July 10, 2007 (EDT)