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Hal Stoutheart

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Hal Stoutheart.jpg

Name: Hal Stoutheart

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): Tethyamar Mining Outpost

Location: Tethyamar Mining Outpost

Description: The mine overseer of the Tethyamar Mining Outpost. He continuously gives a speech from atop his balcony. This speech appears in white text in the center of the screen and is voiced by the Dungeon Master. He is not interactable and thus has no actual dialog even if you manage to climb up onto his balcony.

As the quests in the Mining Outpost progress, it becomes increasingly apparent that Stoutheart is not what he seems...

Tethyamar Mining Outpost[edit]

About a minute after you enter the Tethyamar Mining Outpost zone, he will give the following speech:

  • Hal Stoutheart: My friends. Ready your wits and sharpen your picks, because everyone here is about to get rich!
  • Hal Stoutheart: The Jewels of Ardor await those brave enough to seek them. You, all of you, are at the front of a great wave that will sweep through this mine - and then the world.
  • Hal Stoutheart: When the Realms above learn about the Jewels of Ardor, many more will come. This is your chance, so make your claim now!
  • Hal Stoutheart: Never has there been a gemstone like the Jewel of Ardor! Its brightness, its glow, its value - it's enough to make a simple miner such as you or me as rich as a king!

After his initial speech, he will randomly say lines from the following list every 30 seconds or so:

  • Hal Stoutheart: This is your moment. Seize it. Become the person you always want to be. Claim those Jewels and find the greatness that you've always craved!
  • Hal Stoutheart: Remember, my friends. You are known by your works. And to make a masterpiece, you need the right materials. So go out there and find those Jewels!
  • Hal Stoutheart: Who will find the largest stone? Who will find the richest vein? Ask yourself these questions. And then answer them with, 'I will!'
  • Hal Stoutheart: Glory awaits us, my friends. Every sparkle from every Jewel brings you that much closer to greatness. So go forth and claim your dreams!