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Radiance (enchantment)

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Radiance (enchantment)

Effect: This weapon is imbued with a brilliant, radiant power that deals an additional 4 to 24 points of light damage and blinds the target on a successful critical hit.
Found on: (3) Radiance (enchantment) items:


  • No save against blindness effect.
  • Wielding an off hand weapon with Radiance on it and a Throwing Weapon on your main hand will not trigger the Radiance effect.

Radiance Guard

Effect: This item is imbued with a brilliant, radiant power. When the wearer of this item is successfully attacked in melee, the attacker has a chance of being hit by 4 to 24 points of light damage and has a chance of being blinded.

Found on: (11) Radiance Guard items:

Note: ~15% chance