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Item:Dragontouched Armor

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The Reaver's Reach adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Reaver's Reach


Dragontouched Armor, originally introduced in Module 8 is a form of Crafting based on Runes found in the Reaver's Refuge quests and adventure areas. The Armor is very customizable by applying different types of runes to it giving 19,800 possible armor combinations!

A complete Dragontouched Armor is crafted from:

  • The blank Armor (which can also be a Docent, a Robe, or an Outfit), plus
  • An Eldritch Rune and/or
  • A Tempest Rune and/or
  • A Sovereign Rune

Each rune gives the armor a different power, and the armor can have one of each rune. Armor blanks are purchased with Draconic runes. All four types of rune drop as rewards in the Reaver's Refuge quests. Eldritch runes can also be bought with Draconic runes, and can be upgraded to Tempest and Sovereign runes.

(Editorial comment: This pack and crafting system came out quite a while ago, in late '08. Since then, these items have become (mostly?) obsolete, having been surpassed by more powerful and customizable options. But feel free to take a look and decide for yourself!)

Crafting Steps[edit]

Step 1: You need 50 Draconic Runes to buy Dragontouched Armor. They can also be used for other purchases as shown below. You must have completed Stealer of Souls to spend Draconic Runes.

Where to get Draconic Runes:

TIP: When you're ready to run Stealer of Souls for the second or subsequent times, Vorace sells the essences needed to flag for the quest. For the following number of Draconic Runes, he'll provide:

  • 50 → 1 Eberron Dragonshard Essence.
  • 25 → 1 Siberys Dragonshard Essence.
  • 25 → 1 Khyber Dragonshard Essence.

Remember, he'll only talk to you once you've completed Stealer of Souls once.

Step 2: Talk to Vorace, he's across from the Stormreaver in Reaver's Refuge (across the bridge, in the room with the mailbox and crafting devices). Vorace will give you your choice of Dragontouched Armor (as listed below) in exchange for 50 Draconic Runes.

Step 3: You'll want to obtain "upgrade" runes to apply to your new armor.

Where to Get Upgrade Runes:

Note 1: As of Unlimited/Module 9, you can no longer trade for Tempest or Sovereign Runes. However, using the altars, you can grind 3 Eldritch into 1 Tempest and 3 Tempest into 1 Sovereign. Note: You can not use a stack of two or three identical runes. However, you can place two or three separate identical runes.

Dragontouched Eldritch Altar success with Tempest Rune Empowered! Consumed: Eldritch Rune of Electricity Resistance, Eldritch Rune of Electricity Resistance, Eldritch Rune of Electricity Resistance. Created: Tempest Rune of Exceptional Intelligence.
Dragontouched Eldritch Altar success with Tempest Rune Empowered! Consumed: Eldritch Rune of Striding, Eldritch Rune of Striding, Eldritch Rune of Lesser Healing Amplification. Created: Tempest Rune of Exceptional Constitution.

Note 2: As of Update 7, you can shatter your undesired Sovereign Rune back to 1-9 Eldritch Runes. Place one Sovereign Rune and one Draconic Rune in the Dragontouched Sovereign Altar; both runes will be consumed, and you will receive the new rune(s). All runes you receive back will convert up: i.e. if you receive 5 you will get 1 tempest and 2 eldritch runes. If you receive 9 you will actually get a sovereign rune back. There may be exceptions, see below**

Dragontouched Sovereign Altar success with Sovereign Rune Shattered! Consumed: Draconic Rune, Sovereign Rune of Crippling. Created: Sovereign Rune of Destruction.
Dragontouched Sovereign Altar success with Sovereign Rune Shattered! Consumed: Sovereign Rune of Magic, Draconic Rune. Created: Tempest Rune of Healing Amplification.
Consumed: Sovereign Rune of Arcane Sigil, Draconic Rune. Created: Eldritch Rune of Acid Resistance, Eldritch Rune of Fortification, Eldritch Rune of Greater False Life.
** Consumed: Sovereign Rune of Ash, Draconic Rune. Created: Eldritch Rune of Fortification, Eldritch Rune of Sonic Resistance, Eldritch Rune of Electricity Resistance.

Step 4: Once you get these runes, go the place where Vorace is and there will be 3 altars: Eldritch, Tempest and Sovereign. Place your Dragontouched armor and a Rune in the proper altar and select "Forge".

Armor Types[edit]

Various kinds of Dragontouched Armor

All are ML:16:

Rune Properties[edit]

You can upgrade your suit of dragontouched armor with up to three properties, one from each of the three types of runes. As of Update 7 all types of runes are now identified in the chest, allowing you to swap with other people in the group for the rune you want. Formerly they were not identified and thus you could only find out a rune's property once applied to your armor. There are no tiers with dragontouched armor, you can use the runes in any order.

Eldritch Rune Tempest Rune Sovereign Rune
23 Types 24 Types 33 Types


  • Note 1: The attributes from sets are actually part of a 3 part set that includes the 2 pieces from Mod 7 raids and the 3rd part from the Sovereign tier of dragontouched armor.
  • Note 2: The text will say +3. This is a text bug. The actual bonus is +6.