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Name: Otis

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Location: Temple of Elemental Evil Part One, at temple entrance

Description: <Blacksmith of Nulb>

Notes: Otis is a blacksmith that allow you to repair and sell gear without leaving the temple.

The Temple of Elemental Evil Part One[edit]

As soon as you enter the temple, you will see him near the Overgrown Workbench. When you talk to him, he replies:

  • Otis: Hail, stranger! You don't look much like one of the Temple faithful. And neither am I, truth be told.
  • Otis: Perhaps we can help each other. I give you information, and you help me find out more about the Temple.
    • You: And you are who, exactly?
      • Otis: Otis is the name, I'm the blacksmith u´p in the town of Nulb.
      • Otis: At least I was until bandits from the temple started swarming all over the main road, driving off my customers!
      • Otis: Since those grubs are ruining my business, I reckon it's only fair if I look into ruining theirs. That's why I've been poking into the Temple.
      • You: What have you learned?
      • Otis: This Temple's been mostly quiet for years. It's always been full of evil creature, yes, but they kept mostly to themselves.
      • Otis: But lately there have been dark rumors ... rumors that something deep inside the Temple is about to escape!
      • You: Escape? That doesn't sound good. What's about to escape?
      • Otis: The old tales tell of a great battle between Good and Evil here in ages past.
      • Otis: Good prevailed, and the leader of a the Evil forces .... a powerful Demoness if the stories are true .... was bound with magic inside this Temple.
      • Otis: Big bronze doors like the ones you saw at the front were supposed to keep her sealed inside,
      • Otis: But, as you saw, the doors are no longer sealed!
        • You: Who opened the doors?
          • Otis: I'm told there's a mad wizard here by the name of Falrinth. He's the one who's done it, I'd wager.
          • Otis: Falrinth has his quarters down in one of the lower levels of the Temple .... this place is like a rabbit warren, you know. Nost of its's underground.
          • You: Suppose I wanted to get to Falrinth. How would I go about it?
          • Otis: My sources tell me that in the last few days Falrinth has set up magical barriers to keep prying busybodies like you and me out of the Temple.
          • Otis: There are four barriers - one for each of the Elements - and four keys to unlock them. To get to Falrinth you'll need those four keys.
            • You: How do I get to the lower levels of the Temple? (See below: "No time for small talk!")
        • You: Does any of this have to do with the Mysterious Remnants?
          • Otis: Those things appeared out of nowhere recently. The bandits have been collecting them - they say Falrinth the wizard will pay well for any you find.
          • Otis: You can have 'em, I say. Better not mess with magic if you don't understand it!
            • You: Falrinth? We'll get back to him. But first, tell me about this thing that's about to escape. (See above: "What's about to escape?")
    • You: No time for small talk! I'm here to kill what needs killing and loot what needs looting. Where do I start?
      • Otis: There are wooden doors to the southeast and southwest. Both lead down into the depths of the Temple.
      • Otis: Good luck - and remember, if you need anything repaired, come back and see me. I'll fix you right up.
        • You: Thanks, Otis. (Complete objective)
        • You: Does any of this have to do with the Mysterious Remnants? (see above)

After that, if you talk to him again, he will ask:

  • Otis: Things are going well, I trust? What can I do for you?
    • You: Can you fix up my gear? (Open shop)