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Genesis Point/Imenand

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(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Quickly, there is not much time! I cannot sustain this magical manifestation much longer. This place is Genesis Point, one of the Devil army's bases here on Shavarath. Your assignment is to severely cripple the Devil forces by taking out one of the valuable targets deep within the secure level of this base.''

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me more about Genesis Point.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Genesis Point is divided into three sections-the upper level, the lower level, and the secure level. Your first task will be to clear the upper level and activate the magical portal used to reach the lower level. You must then sabotage any Devil operations you find on the lower level. Finally, you need to find a way to access the secure level and take out one of the four strategic objectives there.''

Four strategic objectives[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me about the four strategic objectives on the secure level.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Genesis Point houses four important Devil military operations. There is a prisoner detention block, three major magical channels, a portal bay, and a command center. A successful strike at any of these targets would severely undermine the Devil leadership.''

Prisoner detention block[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me more about the prisoners and the detention block.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''The Devils have imprisoned some of their enemies in temporary holding cells prior to moving them to a permanent detention block on the secure level. While we believe the entrances to the holdiing cells are somehow unlocked from a control room on the upper level, we do not yet know how to reach the prisoners in the detention block.''

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''So you want me to free the prisoners?''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Free them by all means, if you like. It would be a major embarrassment for the Devils. However our task for you is rather different. The Devils are keeping a powerful Demon informer in the detention block. We have been hired to prevent this informer from passing secrets to the Devils. Make your way into the detention block and assassinate the informer.''

Command center[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me about the command center.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''This station is commanded by Primus Llotiquth, a horned devil of considerable power. His headquarters is on the secure level. Use caution, as Genesis Point's elite troop guard the entrance to the command center. Even if you made it past them you'd still need to find a way to disable the wards that protect the secure level. Still. killing Llotiquth would be a major blow against the Devils' military capabilities.''

Magic channels[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me more about the magic channels.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Devil spellcasters here have created three major magical channels. These channls focus magic energies and transmit them throughout the entire plane, allowing Devil siege wizards all over Shavarath to tap into their power. Disrupting these channels would severely weaken the wizards and hinder the Devils' field operations.''

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''How do I disrupt the magic channels?''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''The channels are guarded by three soulbound mephits, unusual creatures who are bound both to the channels and to each other. The channels cannot be harmed so long as one of the soulbound mephits lives. Yet if you manage to kill all of the soulbound mephits it will disrupt the binding spells and destroy the channels.' '

Portal bay[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me more about the portal bay.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''We have learned that the Devils conduct some sort of magical experiments at this base. They store the results of these experiments in crates on the lower level. Then they use magic portals on the secure level to transport these suspicious crates to other areas-even other planes. We don't know what the Devils are up to, but we would like to see both the portals and the crates destroyed.''

The lower level[edit]

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''How do I get to this strategic objective?''

(NPC): You tell Imenand, ''Tell me how to get to the lower level.''

(NPC): Imenand tells you, ''Our intelligence is somewhat vague. Reports suggest the Devils restrict access to the lower level with a magical portal activated by levers in the upper control rooms. However, there are many levers in each control room. We know the warded levers are used to remove wards from doors that lead to the secure level, but the exact function of other levers is unknown .' '