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Dame Calla Swiftmare

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Dame Calla.jpg

Name: Calla Swiftmare

Race: Human, Ghost

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): The Silver Flame

Location: The Shadow Crypt

Notes: Dame Calla Swiftmare was the officer in charge of the Silver Flame camp in The Necropolis. During the events of Module 5, she went to The Shadow Crypt, and never returned. Some dialogue options in the game still refer to her as if she is still around the camp. You can get her reasoning to enter the crypt alone by reading her journal.

The Shadow Crypt[edit]

As soon as you arrive at the crypt, you can find her bleeding to the death at the ground.

  • Dame Calla: Thank the gods you've come. The Shadow Council turned on me as soon as we entered this place. I tried to outrun them, but ended up back here, I don't know how.
  • You: We must get you back to the camp.
  • Dame Calla: No, there's no time, and it's already too late for me. Nerezza is finishing The Twisted Apocrypha as we speak. You must find him, lay him to his final rest, and obtain the book.
  • You: We shall go at once milady.
  • Dame Calla: This place is a gigantic maze, go slowly and stick together. The final door is guarded by several colored levers, but they wouldn't turn. This will help you get back here if you get lost. Good luck and be careful, the darkness is a powerful enemy.

Later in the quest, you meet the Shadow Council, and they throw her spectre against you. However, in a corner of the room you can see her ghost at the same time. Once you drop the spectre below 50% health, she say to you:

  • Dame Calla: It's powers are weakened, come quickly, I don't have much time.
  • Dame Calla: Come. The foul being has been weakened to where I have her under control.

If you react and go talk to her while the spectre is still fighting, she will tell you:

  • Dame Calla: I remember now. I remember it all. This spectre is nothing more than an abomination, conjured by the dark heart of the shadow. My true essence lies in this spirit you see before you. You have freed me from its bonds and powers, now I beg of you, allow me the final strike.
  • You: With pleasure milady. (Instantly slay the spectre)