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Category:Items found in unusual locations

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Category for items that otherwise don't fit into the Category:Chest loot, Category:Raid loot or Category:Quest rewards categories.

Green Steel Bastard SwordGreen Steel Battle AxeGreen Steel BeltGreen Steel BracersGreen Steel DaggerGreen Steel Dwarven WaraxeGreen Steel FalchionGreen Steel GogglesGreen Steel Great CrossbowGreen Steel GreataxeGreen Steel GreatswordGreen Steel Hand AxeGreen Steel HandwrapsGreen Steel Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Heavy MaceGreen Steel Heavy PickGreen Steel HelmGreen Steel KamaGreen Steel KhopeshGreen Steel KukriGreen Steel Light CrossbowGreen Steel Light MaceGreen Steel Light PickGreen Steel LongbowGreen Steel LongswordGreen Steel MaulGreen Steel MorningstarGreen Steel NecklaceGreen Steel QuarterstaffGreen Steel RapierGreen Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Repeating Light CrossbowGreen Steel SceptreGreen Steel ScimitarGreen Steel ShortbowGreen Steel ShortswordGreen Steel ShurikenGreen Steel SickleGreen Steel Throwing AxeGreen Steel Throwing DaggerGreen Steel Throwing HammerGreen Steel WarhammerGreen Steel Weave BootsGreen Steel Weave CloakGreen Steel Weave GlovesLegendary Green Steel Bastard SwordLegendary Green Steel Battle AxeLegendary Green Steel DaggerLegendary Green Steel DartLegendary Green Steel Dwarven WaraxeLegendary Green Steel FalchionLegendary Green Steel GogglesLegendary Green Steel Great CrossbowLegendary Green Steel GreataxeLegendary Green Steel GreatclubLegendary Green Steel GreatswordLegendary Green Steel Hand AxeLegendary Green Steel HandwrapsLegendary Green Steel Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Heavy MaceLegendary Green Steel Heavy PickLegendary Green Steel HelmLegendary Green Steel KamaLegendary Green Steel KhopeshLegendary Green Steel KukriLegendary Green Steel Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Light HammerLegendary Green Steel Light MaceLegendary Green Steel Light PickLegendary Green Steel LongbowLegendary Green Steel LongswordLegendary Green Steel MaulLegendary Green Steel MorningstarLegendary Green Steel QuarterstaffLegendary Green Steel RapierLegendary Green Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Repeating Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel SceptreLegendary Green Steel ScimitarLegendary Green Steel ShortbowLegendary Green Steel ShortswordLegendary Green Steel ShurikenLegendary Green Steel SickleLegendary Green Steel Throwing AxeLegendary Green Steel Throwing DaggerLegendary Green Steel Throwing HammerLegendary Green Steel WarhammerLegendary Green Steel Weave Cloak

Cacophonic VergeFrozen PlateRobe of DissonanceShatterbow

Aussiredar's Gem

Silver Flame Healing PotionsYugoloth Favor PotionsEssence of BetrayalEssence of CunningEssence of DesireEssence of DespairEssence of FuryEssence of SeductionHarper Pin, GreaterHarper Pin, LesserKey to the City - EveningstarPhiarlan's Pendant of TimeSilver Flame Healing PotionSilver Flame Lesser Healing PotionSilver Flame SymbolVelah, the Red Dragon Cookie

Engraved RingRing of Alertness

Flawless Shadow Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonscale ArmorShadowscale DocentShadowscale OutfitShadowscale RobeThunder-Forged Alloy Bastard SwordThunder-Forged Alloy Battle AxeThunder-Forged Alloy ClubThunder-Forged Alloy DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy DartThunder-Forged Alloy Dwarven WaraxeThunder-Forged Alloy FalchionThunder-Forged Alloy Great CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy GreataxeThunder-Forged Alloy GreatclubThunder-Forged Alloy GreatswordThunder-Forged Alloy Hand AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy PickThunder-Forged Alloy KamaThunder-Forged Alloy KhopeshThunder-Forged Alloy KukriThunder-Forged Alloy Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Light HammerThunder-Forged Alloy Light MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Light PickThunder-Forged Alloy LongbowThunder-Forged Alloy LongswordThunder-Forged Alloy MaulThunder-Forged Alloy MorningstarThunder-Forged Alloy OrbThunder-Forged Alloy QuarterstaffThunder-Forged Alloy RapierThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy ScepterThunder-Forged Alloy ScimitarThunder-Forged Alloy ShortbowThunder-Forged Alloy ShortswordThunder-Forged Alloy ShurikenThunder-Forged Alloy SickleThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing HammerThunder-Forged Alloy WarhammerThunder-Forged Handwraps

Iskaryte's Gem

Vuthesjing's Gem

Sventusk's Gem

Omaekrix's Gem

Oath of Droaam

Axe of the Scarlet WarriorBow of the Jade ElfShield of the Azure ValkyrieStaff of the Golden Wizard


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