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About Me[edit]

Heyah. Friends call me Sef.
I'm a player from Manila, Philippines, playing almost everyday.
My first encounter with Dungeons and Dragons was the campy Saturday morning cartoon. I kinda liked it as a kid since there were few high fantasy sword-and-sorcery animation back then. There are still too few now. I've played Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights. Who hasn't?
I have the Icewind Dale trilogy and the Dark Elf trilogy books, and some other Forgotten Realms books. I never played pen-and-paper DnD because nobody played it where I grew up.
I'm really glad that Turbine relaunched DDO into the free-to-play model that it is now. Three years ago, I was looking forward to its release but eventually lost interest and never bought the game since I was already playing Guild Wars. I got an invite and participated in the Beta in Lamannia server and got hooked ever since.
Since I'm a Free-to-play player, I took it upon myself to thank Turbine and give back to the community of DDO players by contributing my time to the wiki.

Adventure Packs[edit]

The Catacombs adpack icon.jpgThe Seal of Shan-To-Kor adpack icon.jpgTangleroot Gorge adpack icon.jpgDemon Sands adpack icon.jpgRuins of Gianthold adpack icon.jpgDelera's Tomb adpack icon.jpgSentinels of Stormreach adpack icon.jpg

Contact Me[edit]

Feel free to post a message or a critique of my contribs on my Talk Page. It's the best way to reach me since I access DDOWiki on a daily basis. Promise I don't bite. Much.
I occasionally post on the official DDO Forums and the MyDDO blog feature at the official site.
Add me up in Facebook! [1]