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just dropping by[edit]

havent really gotten myself to play DDO again, especially now that its anniversary month for Guild Wars and still tons to do in that game after five years of existence. logged back in the game to buy Sentinels of Stormreach using my last TPs. I tried playing a week ago to get more TPs using my rouge but ran into the same problems that made me put the game down in favor of GW. I'm thinking of making a list of what I like and don't like about DDO but I'm too busy right now.
I also see that there were some changes here, and not to my liking. Hehehe. Oh well, just a consequence of my absence working on the wiki.
- User talk:Sef326sef

time out[edit]

i'm taking time out playing DDO because of the things that annoys me about the game. dont get me wrong, i love a lot of things about it. i just need time to cool off. that being said, i won't be able to contribute much here. i'll be checking in once in a while. meanwhile, i'll be playing guild wars more now.
- User talk:Sef326sef

it's back![edit]

Finally ddowiki is back! I'm so happy, i miss this site so much! hahahahaha. Especially since I have a free one month VIP access to DDO. Can't wait to start editing again. Where to start?!? Lol. thnx to Xevo and Borror0!
- User talk:Sef326sef


My Skittles project: also known as color-coded XP in mission info box. Here's what I mean:  ♣soloSolo/Casual ♦normalNormal ♥hardHard ♠eliteElite. Hahahaha. Btw, these colors are the same as the ones in the adventure compendium, except Hard which I colored amber for readability. I didn't want to touch the original mission info box template so I made my own template for xp colors. I found out that there are many missing XP info, even Korthos quests. Sigh. That means I have to redo those quests to find out XPs.
Guys, please use my templates! They're pretty! -Sef326 19:10, November 29, 2009 (EST)

ddoWiki's back![edit]

Woohoo! Wiki's finally back to normal thanks to all who worked on it. I dunno what happened but the wiki went down the whole weekend and when it came back up, I cannot login and edit.
Now its back so please check out Guide to Free to Play which I edited to have its corresponding Patrons and a very useful sortable table! Please double check on Patron and correct it if you found some wrong info. I only made one pass on it. I will work on the Notes part on that page later to add more info. I wanted to color code each Patron but I may be overdoing it. Hehe.
- User talk:Sef326sef

Unique Clothing[edit]

Made a new template today to replace Template:itemmisc. I made it to help differentiate Clothing and Jewelry, as they are in game, as categorized in the Auction House.
I used the Mesmer color palette. I hope you like it as much as I do.
- User talk:Sef326sef

Color Palette[edit]

I'll be doing some more revisions on the weapons/jewelry/clothing templates. To give credit to whom its due, the colors that I've been using here is the same as the ones being used in the official Guild Wars wiki, cuz I think that its really cool.
- User talk:Sef326sef

F2P or VIP quest?[edit]

Icon F2P.jpg
I want to add this icon to all F2P quests and wilderness adventure areas.
Demon Sands adpack icon.jpg
I also made Ad Pack icons, like the ones I have in my user page, and plan to add them on Ad Pack quests as a clearer indicator of the requirements to access said quests.
Just something that I thought about. Any reactions? Violent or otherwise? Should I do it?
- User talk:Sef326sef

Sahara Adventures await![edit]

This week, Demon Sands goes on a 20% off at the DDO Store. I've been wanting to get this mid-level adventure pack but it was too expensive at its regular price. So when I heard of the discount, I played thru all my characters till they all reach at least 100 total favor each so that I can gain enough Turbine Points to purchase it. I needed to farm about 125 TPs. I did it with the help of PUGs who did quests on Elite when I joined them. Saved me a lot of time. So today, Friday, I bought my fourth adventure pack and I have a new icon in my personal page. But the desert will have to wait till next week when I can really adventure because of a busy weekend ahead of me.
Thanks again to all who posted armor screenshots on DDO Forums!
- User talk:Sef326sef


I like watching make-over reality shows. You know, the ones where strangers go to your house and redo everything from the wall paint to the furnishings, those type of shows. I always like seeing the surprised faces of the owners at the end of the episode. I'm hoping that kind of reaction when you see the changes I'm doing here. Minus the tears.
There are so many things that I want to do for the wiki but I'm overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done. I finished remodeling the way armors, weapons and jewelry pages by making tables and adding color & screenshots. With armors, I had to go to each page and edit them, since the new template that I made had different variables than the previous one. That proved time consuming. So when I remodeled weapons and jewelry pages, I decided to just edit the existing template and use the existing variables. I wasn't too happy with the result. There are a lot of confusing info on the previous template. So I'm thinking of doing a complete overhaul soon on the said pages. But it will involve a lot of planning and note taking so other editors will not get confused.
I hope you guys like the colors I'm using and I hope that we can come up with a standard palette of colors to be used on this wiki.
Sef326 20:33, November 11, 2009 (EST)


I finally made tabbing work and I'm so happy because of it. I gave up working on it yesterday cuz I'd rather work on some other things on the wiki, when, at 1 in the morning, i had a realization of why it didn't work. So I switched on my pc and this is the result! I know it still needs sprucing up but its a start! I'm excited on its uses on the wiki other than my user page.
I also updated the trinkets template so that it'll look like the same with the armor and weapons. Today I will work on docents and shields. I have a big project that will be a surprised but you'll know it when you see it ;).
And thanks to all who contributed their armor pics on the DDO forum!
Sef326 18:39, November 9, 2009 (EST)