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Prison of the Planes/Sir Raleigh

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Sir Raleigh, Knight of Order

Daanvi room in Prison of the Planes[edit]

Also known as "Lawful room", a lawfully aligned player must answer Sir Raleigh's question correctly to successfully complete the chamber. Bypass if you do not have a lawfully aligned person. If you do answer the question, be sure to answer them with your alignment in mind. As of Update 18 (?), there is a penalty for failing this objective.

NPC dialog, questions and answers[edit]

(NPC): Sir Raleigh tells you, "Laws are all there is. Nature was built on laws and rule and order. If you do not respect Law, then bother me no further."

(NPC): You tell Sir Raleigh, "I respect Law."

(NPC): Sir Raleigh tells you, "I wish to believe you, but many imposters have able to pass my test, and I will finally be able to pass the banner I have carried for a millenia. You must answer at least three of the following question correctly before I will trust you are worth this honor."

(NPC): You tell Sir Raleigh, "Ask your questions Sir Raleigh. My sense of Law shall not fail me."

  • You find out that several days ago you unknowingly broke a law, what do you do?
    • Continue breaking it in the same way and if you get caught plead ignorance. [Chaotic]
    • Nothing. You don't break the law again, but don't seek to make amends for having done so. [Neutral]
    • Turn yourself in to the authorities, report your actions, and apologize. [Lawful]
  • You receive word that a shipping venture you invested in paid thrice what you expected. You are about to depart to a foreign port when the tax collector comes calling. What do you do?
    • Lie and claim the ship was lost at sea. [Chaotic]
    • Pay taxes only on the amount you originally expected. [Neutral]
    • Pay taxes on the true amount of your windfall. [Lawful]
  • You have been conscripted into the military by the edicts of your king. Your captain is the son of a powerful lord, but proves to be incompetent at command, placing your life in perilous risk each day. What do you do?
    • Desert your post. [Chaotic]
    • File a complaint up the chain of command and risk your captain's wrath. [Neutral]
    • Hang tough and hope. [Lawful]
  • An old woman, obviously ill, begs you to purchase one of her charms. They are of a religion odious to the faith you follow, made in the visage of a false prophet. What do you do?
    • Purchase the charm. What is the harm in a blessing? [Chaotic]
    • Refuse the charm but offer the woman a coin. [Neutral]
    • Refuse the woman. [Lawful]
  • Your elder brother is elected to a high position of standing within the town council. Shortly thereafter you note that he begins to receive gifts from unknown parties. What do you do?
    • As him if you can help, and perhaps share in his fortune. [Chaotic]
    • Leave your brother's business to himself. [Neutral]
    • Confront him and demand he refuses such practices. [Lawful]
  • You find yourself in military service, guarding the borders of your land. A plague has broken out to the south, and thus the king has ordered the border be closed. An old family friend soons(sic) arrives and begs you to allow him to cross, assuring you that he escaped the contagion. What do you do?
    • Hold him at the border and observe his health over time.
    • Turn him back, with violence if you must.[Lawful]
    • Allow him to pass with a wink.
  • You're walking down the street and see a man getting robbed, what do you do?
    • I keep walking, it;s that man's problem and I'm not getting involved [Neutral]
    • I step in and stop the robbery [Lawful]
    • I wait for the robber to finish, and then jump him. [Chaotic]
  • You are charged with capturing a known criminal, famous for his cruelty. You are outmatched but with a lucky blow manage to disable him. The villain begs for his life and wishes to surrender. What do you do?
    • Slay the fiend, who would certainly kill you if the roles were reversed. [?]
    • Stay your weapon and turn him in to the authorities. [Lawful]
    • Judge the villain yourself and cut off both his hands. [?]