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Screenshot Basics[edit]

Screenshot showing some crafting in progress.

A screenshot is a saved image of exactly what can be seen on the monitor screen

  • In DDO, screenshots are taken by pressing Ctrl + P
  • The default location for saved screenshots is Start Button/Documents/Dungeons and Dragons Online
    • If DDO was installed in a custom location, Screenshots will be located there instead.
  • Screenshots are saved as *.jpg files
    • Each screenshot is given date and time as part of the filename, e.g ScreenShot_2021-01-29_213603_0.jpg etc.
    • Screenshots can be renamed as desired

To post a screenshot in the DDO Forums, the file must first be uploaded to an image hosting site, then the image address must be linked in the forum post between [IMG] and [/IMG] tags.

Pro tips[edit]

A screenshot after using Alt + Z to clear the UI, and zooming in 100% to clear the character from the image.
  • Pressing Alt + Z will clear the screen of all visible User Interface (UI) controls (hotbars, mouse pointer, focus orb, map, etc.), giving you a clean non-gamer picture
    • Hotkeys can still be used to control UI controls even when not visible
    • The Rune Arm charging overlay will still be visible when the UI controls are hidden; Before hiding the UI, charging should be turned off and the rune arm should be fired to prevent the overlay from appearing in screenshots
    • Pressing Alt + Z a second time will make the UI controls visible again
  • To change the view of a character from the default position (i.e. camera directly behind the character), the keys on the number pad can be used
    • To view the character from one side or the other, orbit the camera without spinning the character, allowing a side or front angle view
      • Keys 4 & 6 - Orbit the camera Left/Right
    • To view the character from a higher or lower angle, tilt the camera angle up or down
      • Keys 5 & 8 - Orbit the camera Up/Down
    • To view the character from a close up or further away, adjust the zoom of the camera
      • Keys 7 & 9 - Zoom the camera Out/In
    • To view a scene from the eyes of the character, the camera can be zoomed in fully:
      • Either rolling the mousewheel forward or using the 9 key, will give the view from the eyes of the character
      • The character will not be visible in the screenshot
  • A screenshot may be edited, e.g. to crop it down, perhaps to focus on just one part of it, or to add letters/numbers/graphics etc.
    • Simple "Paint" programs (on both Mac and Windows Operating Systems) are suitable for most basic editing tasks
      • Open the original screenshot in the desired editing program
      • Edit the screenshot as required
      • Save the screenshot (use Save As and input a different file name in order to preserve the original file)
      • The edited screenshot can then be uploaded as described above
  • For selfies, if you place your cursor over your character, they "light up" a bit. This can be a good technique if your character is in a dark environment.