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Madstone Reaction

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Madstone Rage.jpg
Name: Madstone Boots Reactive Effect
Caster level: 5
Charge: Unlimited
Target: Self
Duration: 2 minutes
Found on:
Madstone Boots

Characters wearing the Madstone Boots have approximately a 15% chance of triggering Madstone Rage each time they are hit. Importantly, the morale bonuses from the reactively triggered Madstone Rage do stack with Madstone Rage if activated manually from the boots. That can provide a net +4 strength +8 constitution (along with the normal effects of madstone rage: +4 Natural Armor bonus to AC, a 20% enhancement bonus to attack-speed, and increases your BAB to equal your character level. However, characters cannot cast spells while in this rage, which includes activating spells from items (except guild potions) as well as spell-like abilities such as from Bards or Monks as well.

Note: the 20% bonus doesn't stack with speed items, i.e. it provides a net +5% attack speed compared to Haste.