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Against the Demon Queen (quest)/Riddle

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Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Against the Demon Queen riddle[edit]

The riddle in the Book at the entrance contains this text:

A is first to draw blood 
B and C never cross 
D strikes close to E 
F deals the killing blow 

There are 6 animals set in randomly for the letters. So if the Text would be:

Mockery is first to draw blood (Monkey)
Hungry and Devious never cross (Wolf, Snake)
Night strikes close to Grasping (Bat, Octopus)
Poisoner deals the killing blow (Scorpion)

The letters would be:

* (A) Mockery = Monkey (Wildmen)
* (B) Hungry = Wolf (Gnolls)
* (C) Devious = Snake (Troglodytes)
* (D) Night = Bat (Mephits)
* (E) Grasping = Octopus (Mindflayers)
* (F) Poisoner = Scorpion (Drow Scorpions)


To unlock the way forward, you must go down the hallways in a certain order.

1) The first hallway is A.
2) The second hallway is either B or C (your choice, 50% chance that you'll make a mistake)
3) The third hallway is either D or E (your choice, 50% chance that you'll make a mistake)
4) The fourth hallway is whichever #3 was not (either E or D respectively)
5) the fifth hallway is whichever #2 was not (C or B respectively)
6) The sixth hallway is always F.

The 4 possible combinations are;

* A, B, D, E, C, F 
* A, C, D, E, B, F 
* A, B, E, D, C, F 
* A, C, E, D, B, F

Only one of those combinations is correct. This means that without further information (see below), there is a 25% chance you will choose the correct one and 75% chance you will end up in the jail.

Possible patterns[edit]

Instances made for this quest are not completely random but choices from presets. With this chart, you can avoid 50/50 bet on second/fifth and third/fourth hallway.
However, deliberately choosing a wrong hallway will teleport you to a room with several undead, 4 of which are optional kills for more xp.

in order of A, B/C, D/E, F ;

Devious, Mockery/Grasping, Poisoner/Hungry, Night = Snake (W), Octopus (NE), Wolf (SW), Scorpion (NW), Monkey (E), Bat (SE) (ACEDBF)
Devious, Mockery/Poisoner, Grasping/Hungry, Night = Snake (W), Monkey (E), Octopus (NE), Wolf (SW), Scorpion (NW), Bat (SE) (ABDECF)
Grasping, Mockery/Night, Devious/Poisoner, Hungry = Octopus (NE), Bat (SE), Scorpion (NW), Snake( W), Monkey (E), Wolf (SW) (ACEDBF) Grasping, Night/Mockery, Devious/Hungry, Poisoner = Octopus (NE), Monkey (E), Snake (W), Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Scorpion (NW) (ACDEBF) Grasping, Poisoner/Night, Hungry/Mockery, Devious = Octopus (NE), Scorpion (NW), Wolf (SW), Monkey (E), Bat (SE), Snake (W) (ABDECF) Grasping, Devious/Hungry, Night/Poisoner, Mockery = Octopus (NE), Snake (W), Bat (SE), Scorpion (NW), Wolf (SW), Monkey (E) (ABEDCF)
Hungry, Grasping/Devious, Mockery/Night, Poisoner = Wolf (SW), Octopus (NE), Monkey (E), Bat (SE), Snake (W), Scorpion (NW) (ABDECF) Hungry, Devious/Night, Mockery/Grasping, Poisoner = Wolf (SW), Snake (W), Monkey (E), Octopus (NE), Bat (SE), Scorpion (NW) (ABDECF) Hungry, Night/Grasping, Poisoner/Devious, Mockery = Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Snake (W), Scorpion (NW), Octopus (NE), Monkey (E) (ABEDCF) Hungry, Poisoner/Mockery, Grasping/Night, Devious = Wolf (SW), Scorpion (NW), Octopus (NE), Bat (SE), Monkey (E), Snake (W) (ABDECF) Hungry, Poisoner/Night, Mockery/Devious, Grasping = Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Monkey (E), Snake (W), Scorpion (NW), Octopus (NE) (ACDEBF)
Mockery, Grasping/Poisoner, Hungry/Devious, Night = Monkey (E), Scorpion (NW), Wolf (SW), Snake (W), Octopus (NE), Bat (SE) (ACDEBF) Mockery, Hungry/Devious, Night/Grasping, Poisoner = Monkey (E), Snake (W), Octopus (NE), Bat (SE), Wolf (SW), Scorpion (NW) (ACEDBF) Mockery, Night/Devious, Poisoner/Hungry, Grasping = Monkey (E), Snake (W), Scorpion(NW), Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Octopus (NE) (ACDEBF) Mockery, Poisoner/Grasping, Devious/Night, Hungry = Monkey (E), Octopus (NE), Bat (SE), Snake (W), Scorpion (NW), Wolf (SW) (ACEDBF)
Night, Grasping/Hungry, Poisoner/Devious, Mockery = Bat (SE), Octopus (NE), Scorpion (NW), Snake (W), Wolf (SW), Monkey (E) (ABDECF) Night, Mockery/Poisoner, Devious/Grasping, Hungry = Bat (SE), Scorpion (NW), Snake (W), Octopus (NE), Monkey (E), Wolf (SW) (ACDEBF)
Poisoner, Grasping/Devious, Night/Mockery, Hungry = Scorpion (NW), Snake (W), Bat (SE), Monkey (E), Octopus (NE), Wolf (SW) (ACDEBF) Poisoner, Hungry/Devious, Mockery/Night, Grasping = Scorpion (NW), Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Monkey (E), Snake (W), Octopus (NE) (ABEDCF) Poisoner, Hungry/Mockery, Grasping/Night, Devious = Scorpion (NW), Monkey (E), Bat (SE), Octopus (NE), Wolf (SW), Snake (W) (ACEDBF) Poisoner, Hungry/Night, Mockery/Grasping, Devious = Scorpion (NW), Bat (SE), Octopus (NE), Monkey (E), Wolf (SW), Snake (W) (ACEDBF) Poisoner, Mockery/Grasping, Night/Hungry, Devious = Scorpion (NW), Monkey (E), Wolf (SW), Bat (SE), Octopus (NE), Snake (W) (ABEDCF) Poisoner, Mockery/Hungry, Devious/Night, Grasping = Scorpion (NW), Monkey (E), Bat (SE), Snake (W), Wolf (SW), Octopus (NE) (ABEDCF) Poisoner, Night/Devious, Grasping/Hungry, Mockery = Scorpion (NW), Bat (SE), Wolf (SW), Octopus (NE), Snake (W), Monkey (E) (ABEDCF)