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Three-Barrel Cove

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Three-Barrel Cove map Spoilers!
Turbine point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Three-Barrel Cove
Adpack 3barrelcove.jpg

A former pirate haven, Three-Barrel Cove is still a very rowdy outpost town on an island north of Stormreach. There are many dangerous adventures and dungeons that await characters brave enough to explore Three-Barrel Cove.
This wilderness adventure zone can be accessed through the Salty Wench via the House Deneith Port Agent, the Harbor Port Agent (Nadine Shipton just to the Northwest of the Lighthouse island), or the House Kundarak port agent (Mevrin Undertow, near Arlsie Forr and due south of the Vault of Night). Accessible to characters with minimum level 3, this allows level 3 to 8 characters full XP rewards.

Optionally, complete the Pirates of the Thunder Sea mini pre-quest to guide you when getting to Three-Barrel Cove.


[edit] Points of Interest

[edit] Wilderness Objectives

Rare Encounter Slayer Explorer
Lore Dungeon
  • Slay 10 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 245 XP
  • Slay 25 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 340 XP
  • Slay 50 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 485 XP
  • Slay 100 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 780 XP
  • Slay 200 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 1,355 XP
  • Slay 400 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 2,525 XP
  • Slay 750 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 4,395 XP
  • Slay 1500 Three-Barrel Cove denizens: 9,450 XP
  • Find the Elusive BountyGo to the spot on the map designated. If you haven't mastered the art of jump and cast from the water, the Rotten Shark is the nearest shallow land/water where a spell can be cast. 1 min. 30 seems too short of a time water-breathing, 3 minutes ought to be sufficient to swim down and recall out. Swim down as far as you can. Then look for a vertical opening at one of the "clock positions of 3, 6, 9, 12". It allows you to swim horizontally further into the caves. when you can swim no further, swim up in that alcove as high as you can go. The rocks form a "T" and at the center of the t's crosspieces is a small opening in the rock to reach the bounty. Have several inventory slots free before even diving to collect all the loot.
  • Find the Buccaneer's WalkwayLeave the Salty Wench Tavern and go through the doorway in the wall (to where the ramp down to the dock is); go north through the next doorway, and turn northwest. Straight ahead will be a broken wall; climb up to the catwalks. [1][2]
  • Find the Black Loch
  • Find the West Wind's Mistress
  • Find the Lady Luck
  • Find the Bazaar Crescent
  • Find Admiral Ancker's Encampment
  • Find the Crow's Nest
  • Find the Bell Tower
  • Find the Good Fortune
  • Find the Rotten Shark
  • Find the Smuggler's Dock
  • Find the Orc Pirate Stronghold
  • Find Lars Riflee
  • Discover The Wheeping Cove
  • Find Garl's Tomb
  • Find the Fire Caves
  • Find Scoundrel's Run
  • Find Goldhorn's Repository
  • Find Rackam's Trial
Each Rare Encounter is worth 400 XP, with a 2,600 Bonus XP for killing everything. Each Explorer is worth 200 XP, with a 1,000 Bonus XP for locating everything.

[edit] Quests

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron  ♣CasualSolo/Casual  ♦NormalNormal  ♥HardHard  ♠EliteElite
The Fire Caves: The Stones Run Red 5 12 The Free Agents ♣1,058 ♦1,892 ♥2,020 ♠2,148
The Fire Caves: Brood of Flame 5 9 The Free Agents ♣574 ♦1,024 ♥1,090 ♠1,156
Guard Duty 5 6 The Free Agents ♣309 ♦548 ♥580 ♠612
Legend of Two-Toed Tobias 5 12 The Free Agents ♣684 ♦1,220 ♥1,300 ♠1,380
Prove Your Worth 5 9 The Free Agents ♣517 ♦921 ♥980 ♠1,038
Ghost of a Chance 5 12 The Free Agents ♣684 ♦1,220 ♥1,300 ♠1,380
The Scoundrel's Run 7 12 The Free Agents ♣780 ♦1,380 ♥1,460 ♠1,540
Garl's Tomb: The Troglodytes' Get 6 12 The Free Agents ♣614 ♦1,090 ♥1,156 ♠1,222
Garl's Tomb: Old Grey Garl 7 15 The Free Agents ♣786 ♦1,390 ♥1,471 ♠1,552
Total 9 Quests 99  ♣6,006Solo/Casual  ♦10,685Normal  ♥11,357Hard  ♠12,028Elite

[edit] Three-Barrel Cove Named Loot

Note: The Pirate Treasure Map, the 3 items from the Corsair's Cunning set, the 4 'scoundrel type' weapons and Brine Shaman's Staff have a chance of appearing in the end reward list of any of the Three-Barrel Cove quests, except Guard Duty. Every third completion you will receive a complete list.

[edit] Monsters

Monsters in the zone not found on the rare encounters list.
Monster Information

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