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As a character advances in experience, they will be able to gain and then spend action points on enhancements (Four Action Points are allocated per character level). A character gains an action point at each rank except those ranks which coincide with a level increase. There are five ranks per level, but again only four action points. The one exception is upon reaching level 20, when the character gets the final 4 points all at once, since there are no more ranks to gain. The total enhancement points available at level 20 is 80.

The available enhancement selection is based upon a character's race and class, and consists of improvements to those race and class strengths. For example, a Rogue would be offered enhancements to improve skill at hiding or disarming traps, and a Barbarian would be offered enhancements to improve their ability to Rage.

Enhancements from a class or race usually stack with other enhancements from a class or race, even when they give identical bonuses. Elven Dexterity and Ranger Dexterity can be taken together. However, if they have identical names, they may not stack. For instance Awareness is available on several trees, but only the highest Awareness bonus will apply.

Ability bonuses from enhancements or equipped items do not count towards enhancement or feat prerequisites.

Enhancements can be reset using platinum or astral shards while in a public area. The platinum cost is determined by the number of action points currently spent, as well as a multiplier determined by the number of enhancement resets you have done recently. When resetting your enhancements, you may choose to reset all enhancements at once or an individual tree.

Additional racial enhancements

A character with 10 racial AP

In addition to the 80 action points gained from levels, characters that underwent Racial Reincarnation can receive additional action points that must be exclusively spent on racial enhancements. These action points are not level-gated, you can spend them all at level 1.

You can get 1 action for each non-iconic race. DDO has 11 non-iconic races as of Update 36 Patch 3; thus racial completionists can get 11 extra racial AP.

With the release of the Mists of Ravenloft expansion, Racial Enhancement Point Tomes can grant additional racial AP to your characters.


  • You can take enhancements from 6 class or patron trees and 1 racial for a total of 7 trees simultaneously.
    • This requires multiclassing, because one class does not have enough enhancement trees.
    • Spending points in one class tree might make another class tree or specific enhancement unavailable (e.g. The various Sorcerer's savant trees lock out all enhancements of the opposite element).
  • Use the big arrows on the sides of the enhancements UI to access additional trees.
  • You can rearrange the order of your enhancement trees by clicking on the drop-down box near the bottom of the trees.
  • The first core enhancement is required to take any other enhancements in a tree.
  • You can only take tier 5 abilities in one class tree.
  • Enhancements with the same name in multiple trees might not stack (inconsistent).

Enhancements list

Select a category from the table below for detailed information about enhancements available for that race or class.

Class enhancements

Racial enhancements

Iconic racial enhancements

See also


Pre Mod 3.3

The enhancement system was totally redesigned in Mod 3.3. Before that date, a player could only have four enhancements. However, one line of enhancements only counted as one enhancement. For example, a level 10 dwarf could only select Dwarven Armor Mastery III, he could not select the second nor the first and that counted as one of his four enhancements.

Back in that time, player could not save action points before leveling. In fact, if a player had unspent action points when leveling, he received a warning message.

Once a character had reached the maximum level possible at that time, he received a free action point every 20,000 XP so that he could change his enhancements if he so chose.

Post Unlimited

In Unlimited/Module 9, Capstone enhancements and Prestige enhancements were added. For each class 1 Capstone was implemented and it was announced that for each class 3 tiers of 3 different Prestiges were planned. However, even to this day, many of these Prestiges remain unavailable, limiting some classes' player choice.

On Update 7, class specific enhancements like Cleric Heal I has been replaced with generalized enhancements like Improved Heal I. This also brought down costs of the four tiers of the skill enhancements. Before, tier I, II, II and IV cost 1, 2, 3 and 4 AP respectively. Now, all tiers cost 1 AP each for generalized enhancements. This improved the viability of Prestige enhancements for many builds.

Update 19 Enhancement Pass

Total redesign in the user interface and the way AP is spent. All enhancements, including previous Prestige enhancements and Racial enhancements, are integrated onto Enhancement Trees.