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User talk:Ziu

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Welcome! {{:User:Peerless/Sig1}} 08:16, February 15, 2006 (PST)

==Topic naming==

Just to save time, please try to respect the official topic naming policy, though I can't really find anymore where it was discussed (it was on the forums at least, but they seem down). Anyway, the bottom line is that exceptions aside, the only capitalized letter in a topic should be the first one. Thank you! [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 09:07, February 24, 2006 (EST)
:Ok, I'll keep it in mind. It's a bit confusing because I learned to do it the other way around. What's about proper nouns, does the policy apply here too?--[[User:Ziu|Ziu]] 09:21, February 24, 2006 (EST)
::I dug up this link: [[Policy/Naming]]. It covers proper nouns, too. [[User:Dedridd|Dedridd]] 10:10, February 24, 2006 (EST)
:::The whole capitalization thing is still a bit confusing, because I can't see a rule behind it. For example: it's [[Armor Class]], [[Base Attack Bonus]], [[Jump]] skill, [[Small]] creature or [[Charisma]], all capitalized. On the other hand [[saving throws]], [[evasion]], [[damage reduction]] or [[hit die]], all are in the lower case (source: DnD PHB3.5). It's a bit hard to figure out which is a proper noun and which isn't. In the current pages many expressions can be found both, capitalized and in lower case.--[[User:Ziu|Ziu]] 12:09, February 24, 2006 (EST)
::::Yeah it's confusing (and the policy is currently not respected on most of the Wiki). Basically, if there exists an acronym (AC for Armor Class, BAB for Base Attack Bonus for instance), it makes more sense to keep the capitalized letters. [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 12:19, February 24, 2006 (EST)
:::::First letter capitalization DOES NOT MATTER. We are talking about past that, for links with two or more words - [[Evasion]] is the exact same link as [[evasion]]. For things with two words, they should be as you would say them in speech - I cast [[magic missile]] is correct, as is I saw [[Lord Dracomath]] the other day. Really only places, people/named mobs, and named items should be capitalized; and we are following the convention that spells are not proper and stay un-capatalized, even for things like [[Otto's irresistible dance]] - were the name the irresistible dance of Otto, then the link would be modified to fit the capitalization scheme of the site - [[Irresistible dance of Otto]] - see, Otto is proper, regardless of whether anything else is. Ohhhh that brings up something else too, always remove The or similar articles from a page name UNLESS it is a proper title, for instance, if there were a character named 'The Most High Lord' just like that, you would link to [[Most High Lord, The]], same for book names; however, in most ANY other case, you just completely ignore the 'the' in a name. Right? {{:User:Peerless/Sig1}} 12:22, February 24, 2006 (EST)
::::::Just to clarify (because I feel like all information here is correct, but may not be totally lining up), there's a difference between pages and links, right? '''Page''' names always follow the naming convention, whereas '''links''' to pages can be capitalized or not capitalized as is appropriate - [[Evasion]] would be a page name, but you could say 'a rogue is good at [[evasion]]' on some other page. It links to the same page, but you capitalize as is grammatically appropriate. [[User:Dedridd|Dedridd]] 12:53, February 24, 2006 (EST)
:::::::Nope, page names and links are the same. The only thing is that and are interpreted the same by the server (on purpose). So, even though [[home]] links to and [[Home]] to, they both work. RIght? {{:User:Peerless/Sig1}} 12:56, February 24, 2006 (EST)
::::::Thanks for clearing things :] -- [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 14:01, February 24, 2006 (EST)
:::::::Glad to be of service. Anytime I can air my misunderstandings to your benefit, just let me know. ;) [[User:Dedridd|Dedridd]] 14:54, February 24, 2006 (EST)

==DDO website==
The new DDO website is up and contains a nice compendium. Lots of missing enhancements and other stuff. We should try to add the info to the site as soon as possible.--[[User:Ziu|Ziu]] 17:05, February 24, 2006 (EST)

:Yes we should. I already went through the enhancements for Barbarian and Bard yesterday. Enhancements are the first priority, as this is where the official site is better than ours right now. [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 17:12, February 24, 2006 (EST)

==DDO numbers==
Thanks for contributing to the DDO numbers project. Can you please try to include relevant info in addition to observed effects, in particular caster level? This can be important to figure out the exact formulas used in the game. [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 10:27, March 10, 2006 (EST)
:I was target of this spell (troglodyte shaman). Challenge Rating of the monster was 6 afair. Certain numeric spell numbers can only be observed when you are targeted by a spell. The duration of the spell was 1 hour, so it would fit for 10min/caster level. I will add the asumption to the page.--[[User:Ziu|Ziu]] 23:04, March 10, 2006 (EST)
::Oh, I understand. My next question would have been "and how the heck did you figure out the numbers?" ;) Anyway, in such a case, include the monster type (with quest name / difficulty level), so that we can get a better idea by comparing what happens with different monsters. [[User:Tihocan|Tihocan]] 16:11, March 13, 2006 (EST)

==The pump==
Just letting all users know that we now have a new village pump, similar to 'forums' - in any case, for those who registered before Monday, March 27th, 2006, there is a special procedure you must follow to enable your current account for forums access due to the change in password salting. See [ this discussion] for more info. If you registered after that point, then you are ready to go! Thanks for all the support all our members have shown us, now lets build a strong community of friends (-:

If you haven't yet, [ post here] and and let others know who you are! {{:User:Peerless/Sig1| 12:36, March 29, 2006 (EST)}}