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Stramtam is the main character of Strimtom. Want to help me decide on my next life? Do so here!

She is on her 20th life.

  1. 14 Paladin/6 Warlock Knight of the Chalice (Human)
  2. 20 Paladin Vanguard (Human)
  3. 20 Paladin Sacred Defender (Bladeforged)
  4. 20 Ranger Acid Arrow (Elf)
  5. 20 Wizard 100% Pure Force No Elemental/Negative Archmage (Warforged)
  6. 20 Artificer Maverick Hunter Build (Warforged)
  7. 20 Gnome Garden Master (Int - Kensai Fighter)
  8. 10 Druid/8 Barbarian/2 Figher (Human BarBEARian)
  9. 20 Monk (Pure Henshin mystic spellpower Flame blade Monk)
  10. 20 Warlock (Dwarf Melee Legendary Dreadnought Con to Damage)
  11. 20 Bard (Human Pure Spellsinger Caster)
  12. 16 Cleric/4 Wizard (Warforged Death Priest)
  13. 20 Rogue (Half Orc Acrobat)
  14. 20 Sorcerer (Human Water Savant)
  15. 20 Barbarian (Human Ravager)
  16. 20 Pure FvS Sun Elf Evocation Caster
  17. 12 Fighter/4 Ranger/4 Warlock Purple Dragon Knight on hit repeating Crossbow Build
  18. 20 Monk (New Henshin Staff Dwarf)
  19. 18 Druid/2 Rogue Reaper Build (Dragonborn Healer)
  20. 20 Bard (Dragonborn Warchanter)