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Welcome to my page. I will do my best to entertain you, or at least avoid you running away screaming. My username 'Jayron' is one I use a lot, and also happens to be the name of my primary character in DDO. I have moderate gaming experience, but DDO is my first game I would consider as a real MMO, though.


(some used on other wiki's/games/forums)

  • Jayron
  • LevelJ - DDO Forums name
  • Umbra of Doom

About Me[edit]

Country- US

Religion- Christian =)

My History on Wiki's[edit]

I have had decent experience doing edits on various other wiki's, and although I'm not edit-crazy, I still will strive to add any info I see a need to add or that may have been missed. I'm also a bit crazy when it comes to grammar, so chances are I may edit something I write just because I notice an error. (It's a habit of mine :p )

DDO History[edit]

I've been playing DDO since June of 2011, and I continue to learn new things all the time. I'm far from being considered a veteran, but I'm no novice either. Still, if you are in need of DDO-related advice, I will do my best to provide a helpful response, or at the very least point you to someone who can.

My primary server is Thelanis, and my guild there is Dimensions, a lvl 130+ guild where the only rule really is to keep it clean. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to join us! I also lead PUG raids for the guild, although recent time constraints have made it more difficult.

My Characters[edit]


  • Auramaster - Fey Warlock
  • Jayron Auron - Necro/Enchant Wizard
  • Perkovich Daggertwirler - Vistani Thrower Ranger
  • Radar O'Reilly - Sun Elf Melee/CC Artificer
  • Rayvar Shadowstriker - Melee Wizard/Rogue
  • Sshun Kazami - Vistani Monk
  • Umboran Illuminare - Melee/CC Favored Soul
  • Xiatar D'Darkus - Air Sorcerer

Goals for Characters[edit]

  • Umboran - level him up and max out Conjuration DC's so he can use Cometfall effectively as CC.

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