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Category:Main hand items

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Adamantine Knuckles (level 12)Adamantine Knuckles (level 13)Adamantine Knuckles (level 14)Adamantine Knuckles (level 23)Adamantine Knuckles (level 24)Adamantine Knuckles (level 25)Alchemical HandwrapsAntipode, Fist of the HorizonCalomel Studded Handwraps (level 12)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 16)Calomel Studded Handwraps (Level 4)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 8)Caustic HandwrapsCrippling Stonedust WrapsDevotion (Handwraps)Devout HandwrapsDuality, the Moral CompassDwarven Brawler's WrapsElectrified HandwrapsEnergized HandwrapsEpic Calomel Studded HandwrapsEpic Doused HandwrapsEpic Electrified HandwrapsEpic Energized HandwrapsEpic Etched HandwrapsEpic Locked and LoadedEpic Quenched HandwrapsEpic Scorched HandwrapsEpic Scraps of EnlightenmentEtched HandwrapsEternal RestFanged WrapsFernian WrapsFetters of the ForgewraithGrave WrappingsGreen Steel HandwrapsHandwrapIvy Wraps (Level 15)Ivy Wraps (Level 16)Ivy Wraps (Level 17)Ivy Wraps (Level 22)Ivy Wraps (Level 23)Ivy Wraps (Level 24)Legendary Dwarven Brawler's WrapsLegendary Green Steel HandwrapsLegendary Platinum KnucklesLocked and LoadedMaiming Stonedust WrapsMin's HandwrapsQuenched HandwrapsScorching WrapsScraps of EnlightenmentSkin of the MockerySmoldering HandwrapsSoren's Handwraps+1 Starter HandwrapsStonedust HandwrapsStorm's HarnessThaarak WrapsThunder and Lightning (Level 17)Thunder and Lightning (Level 18)Thunder and Lightning (Level 19)Thunder and Lightning (Level 26)Thunder and Lightning (Level 27)Thunder and Lightning (Level 28)Thunder-Forged HandwrapsUnstable HandwrapsVampiric Stonedust WrapsVengeful Stonedust WrapsWeeping HandwrapsWraps of Endless Light (level 12)Wraps of Endless Light (level 16)Wraps of Endless Light (level 20)Wraps of Endless Light (level 24)Wraps of Endless Light (level 4)Wraps of Endless Light (level 8)


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