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The Sharn Syndicate

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The Sharn Syndicate adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Sharn Syndicate

The story takes place in the Marketplace. Talk to Yorrick Amanatu near the trainers to start the quest chain.

Chain bestowed by Yorrick Amanatu

Once all quests are completed, return to Yorrick Amanatsu to claim your final reward.

Quest to Favor List[edit]

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron  ♣CasualSolo/Casual  ♦NormalNormal  ♥HardHard  ♠EliteElite
Stand Your Ground 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣444 ♦793 ♥846 ♠900
Dirty Laundry 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣444 ♦793 ♥846 ♠900
The Stormreaver Fresco 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣444 ♦793 ♥846 ♠900
The Bookbinder Rescue 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣540 ♦966 ♥1,033 ♠1,100
Repossession 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣444 ♦793 ♥846 ♠900
Come Out and Slay 4 6 The Coin Lords ♣444 ♦793 ♥846 ♠900
Total 6 Quests 36  ♣2,760Solo/Casual  ♦4,931Normal  ♥5,263Hard  ♠5,600Elite

Reward items[edit]

With Update 13, this chain is now repeatable, and offers the full list of named items every 3 completions. On all other completions, each named item only has a 50% chance of appearing (if it doesn't appear, a random {BTA} weapon of the same type will appear in its place). These items have minimum level 2 requirement and bind to account.