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Tendon Slice

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Tendon Slice

Type: Suffix
Base price modifier: +1 per 2%
Only found on: Slashing weapons, Piercing weapons
Effect: This effect gives a X% chance to Hamstring the target for each attack that does damage.
Found on:


  • This effect won't show up on randomly generated ranged weapons or bludgeoning weapons. You also cannot apply Cannith Crafting shards of it to ranged or bludgeoning weapons.
  • Some composed weapon affixes like Debilitation and Devastation may also include the Tendon Slice enchantment. The weapon type restriction does not apply to these composed enchantments.
  • It stacks with Hamstring
  • It doesn't work on Red and Purple named monsters.
  • Comes in magnitudes of 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%.