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Item:Envenomed Cloak

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Icon ItemSlot Back.png

Envenomed Cloak

Minimum level 5 Cloak Generic Stormsinger.png
Item Type Clothing / Cloak
Slot Back
Race Absolutely Excluded None
Binding Bound to Account on AcquireBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire
Durability 30
Material LeatherLeather: Leather (Please fill this in on Template:Mat)
Hardness 4
Base Value 0000405000405ppPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.10 lbs
Location The Chronoscope, End reward
  • Proof Against Poison +4Proof Against Poison +4: This item grants its wearer immunity to natural poisons. This item also grants a +4 Enhancement bonus to saving throws against magical poisons, and the wearer does not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this renders the wearer immune to magical poisons with a DC of less than 5 + their Fortitude save).
  • Poison GuardPoison Guard: This item carries a potent venom that may be contracted by enemies that hit you, dealing 1d6 Strength damage. A successful Fortitude Save (DC 20) will negate this effect.
  • Might of the AbishaiMight of the Abishai:
    When any three of the items are equipped you will gain a +1 profane bonus to Natural Armor, a +1 profane bonus to Strength, and a +1 bonus to your caster level on evocation spells.
    When all five items are equipped you will gain a +1 profane bonus to Natural Armor, a +1 profane bonus to Strength and Constitution, and a +1 bonus to your caster level on evocation and conjuration spells.
  • Constitution +3 Constitution +3: This item gives the wearer improved health, granting a +3 enhancement bonus to Constitution.
Envenomed Cloak.png

Epic Crafting to Epic Envenomed Cloak

Description A cloak with spikes that have been steeped in a dangerous poison. Enemies that attack the wearer may be subject to the effects of the venom that coats the cloak's barbs.

The other items in the Might of the Abishai set are Boots of Corrosion, Charged Gauntlets, Helm of Frost and Scorched Bracers.