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Category:Constitution items

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The following is a list of all items with a Constitution Stat boost that can be found in the game.

Amulet of the BruteMoss Weave CloakPower EvidenceRahkat's SpangleSludge Fin Boots

Cloak of SilenceCloven Jaw War BeadsGlobe of Imperial Blood (historic)Pink Ioun StoneRusted Shirt

Black Wolfskin BeltDaggertooth's Belt (historic)Envenomed CloakKundarak Warding BracersManacles of Ceaseless Toil (historic)Mysterious RingPoison RingTainted Helm of Mystery

Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 12)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 13)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 14)Coldharbor CladdingDaggertooth's BeltDaggertooth's Belt (Level 12)Daggertooth's Belt (Level 13)Daggertooth's Belt (Level 14)Gorgon ArmorGorgon DocentHyena Claw NecklaceJeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Lion-headed Belt BuckleManacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 12)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 13)Melri's BreathSiren's CharmThaarak Fang

Balanced BootsBelt of Thoughtful RememberanceBracers of the ClawBulwark of the Storm's Fist (historic)Iron BandKnight's GorgetLivewood BandManacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 14)Reinforced RingSiren's Charm

Alchemist's PendantAnn Velsing's BeltAwanahu SashBelt of the Defenders of SiberysColethenis's BeltConnor's PendantDaggertooth's BeltDaggertooth's Belt (Level 23)Draconic NecklaceDragonmarked NecklaceDragontouched ArmorEpic Kundarak Warding BracersEpic Lion-headed Belt BuckleEpic Siren's CharmGilvaenor's NecklaceJeweled Cloak (Level 23)Kilau's NecklaceKnost's BeltLorinthor's BeltMantle of FuryMechanic's BeltMorah's BeltMorgana's BeltNyoko's NecklaceOremi's NecklacePink Ioun StonePink Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Plateshard BeltPrisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 14)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 15)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 16)Quorforged Docent of BattleShintao CordStalwart NecklaceVerik's NecklaceVorne's BeltWard-Inscribed Pendant

Ancient GemstoneBelt of the Sun SoulDaggertooth's BeltDaggertooth's Belt (Level 24)Daggertooth's Belt (Level 25)Epic Envenomed CloakEpic Hyena Claw NecklaceEpic Stinkpelt's HideJeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 23)Purple Dragon HelmSeal of House Dun'RobarUnbreakable Stormreach Guardian's HelmUtilitarian Necklace

Embrace of the Spider QueenGoatskin BootsGoatskin Boots (Level 26)Goatskin Boots (Level 27)Goatskin Boots (Level 28)Graz'zt's HabilimentGuardian's Gauntlets (Level 15)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 25)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 25)Hide of the GoristroManacles of Ceaseless ToilManacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 24)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 25)Planar Focus of ProwessSkirmisher's Ring (Level 19)Skirmisher's Ring (Level 27)Stone HeartTerrorweb Chitin Breastplate

Guardian's Gauntlets (Level 26)Prisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 25)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 26)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 27)

Purple Dragon ShieldThe Rising Light

Confiscated Heavy MailEpic Belt of Thoughtful RememberanceEpic Illicit Warding ArmorEpic Inferno BracersEpic Shadowshimmer Cladding

Legendary Utilitarian NecklaceSightless

Legendary Graz'zt's Habiliment

Arm of the Aggressor

Legendary Mantle of FuryLegendary Plateshard BeltLegendary Unbreakable Stormreach Guardian's HelmLegendary Ward-Inscribed Pendant

Echo of Ravenkind

Bloodrage SymbiontMindfury Symbiont


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