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The Red Fens

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Turbine point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Red Fens
AdpackIcon TheRedFens.png

For years the Raveneye Clan has sold rare pearls to House Kundarak, but now their home is under attack. Repel the invasion by battling the denizens of a vast and dangerous swamp, then take the fight to the enemy's underwater base in a climactic finale!

Below are more details about the wilderness area and quests that make up this Adventure Pack.

Sahuagin have attacked the Red Fens, virtually wiping out the Drow clan that lives in the swamp.

[edit] Overview

The Red Fens map
Loading screen

You can get to The Red Fens by talking to Ormar the Caravan Master in House Kundarak. Ormar can be found on the map by finding the gold X east of the entrance identified as The Red Fens when you hover over it.

This is a level 9 Wilderness Adventure Area, allowing characters from levels 6 through 13 for full XP gain. Exceeding the maximum character level requirement will reduce XP gain from Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer quests.

[edit] Raveneye Refuge Camp

  • General supply vendor
  • 3 quest givers initially
  • Dagni d'Kundarak - Pearl Collector
  • Altar of Vulkoor crafting device
  • Rest and resurrection shrine (regular 15mins timer) - no tavern in the area

[edit] Quests

[edit] Quests Favor

Quest Name Casual XP Normal XP Hard XP Elite XP Quest Level Total Favor Patron
Fathom the Depths 2263 3988 4187 4386 9 15 House Kundarak
The Claw of Vulkoor 1590 2860 2950 3164 9 12 House Kundarak
The Last Stand 1284 2260 2373 2486 9 12 House Kundarak
Into the Deep 2508 4420 4641 4862 9 15 House Kundarak
Total 7654 13528 14151 14898 4 Quests 54 Favor

[edit] Unique Loot

The Red Fens is the source of some very good mid-level two-part gear sets. Red Fens Unique Loot.

Note: Named items that can appear on this each individual quests end reward list will have a 100% chance of appearing on every third completion of that specific quest.

[edit] Slayer

  • Slay 10 creatures: 405 XP = 40.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 creatures: 553 XP = 36.9 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 creatures: 765 XP = 30.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 creatures: 1,170 XP = 23.4 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 creatures: 1,935 XP = 19.4 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 creatures: 3,465 XP = 17.3 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 creatures: 5,895 XP = 16.8 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,500 creatures: 12,420 XP = 16.6 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 creatures: 25,335 XP = 16.9 xp/kill
  • Slay 5,000 creatures: 35,325 XP = 17.7 xp/kill
  • Slay 7,500 creatures: 46,215 XP = 18.5 xp/kill

There are approximately 157 (range 153-162) monsters in each instance of the wilderness, requiring a minimum of 48 instances to complete the 7,500 creature slayer objective.

[edit] Rare Encounters

Each Rare Encounter is worth 600 XP, with a bonus of 3,600 XP for defeating all of them. These are random encounters: it may take several retries to get them to spawn.

[edit] Explorer

Each Explorer is worth 300 XP, with a bonus of 900 XP for finding all of them.

  • Find the Raveneye village
  • Reach the top of the ziggurat
  • Find the inlet overlook
  • Find the mudpot
  • Explore the giant mushroom forest
  • Find the great red tree
  • Explore the dank cave
  • Find the Fire Giants' territory
  • Find the hidden waterfall
  • Climb the highest mushroom
  • Find the lone adventurer
  • Find the hunting platform

[edit] Monsters

Monsters in the zone not found on the rare encounters list.
Monster Information

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