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Name: Wavebreaker

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Male

Location: [[Category:Unknown The Red Fens (Raveneye refugee camp) NPCs]][[The Red Fens (Raveneye refugee camp)]]

Description: Apprentice Lorechanter

The Red Fens[edit]

When you approach him, he will say:

  • Wavebreaker: I bid you welcome to the Red Fens. I know they may seem forboding to an outsider, but the Fens have been home to the Raveneye clan since the days of the giants' empire.
    • You: Why do you call them the Red Fens, anyway?
      • Wavebreaker: It is said that Devils and Demons wage eternal war on Shavarath, the Plane of Battle. Their war spilled over into Xen'drik long ago and this place became one of their battlefields.
      • Wavebreaker: For ages the two sides fought, until the ground was red with the blood of the fallen. Then came the Giants, wise in the ways of magic. The Giants slew the warring outsiders, and those they could not slay they imprisoned with powerful spells.
      • Wavebreaker: The ages passed, the Giants' empire fell, and the swamp wiped out all signs of the ancient battlefield—all except a Great Red Tree that grew on the edge of the Fens. They say it feeds on the blood of those slain long ago.
    • You: Why hasn't the Raveneye clan fought back against the sahuagin invaders?
      • Wavebreaker: The Raveneye are fishermen and merchants, not warriors. We have been a peaceful clan since we came to the Red Fens back in the days of the Giants' Empire.
      • Wavebreaker: For years our clan has lived by trading swamp pearls to House Kundarak. We do not understand the ways of the sword. That is why we need your help.
    • You: What can I do to help the Raveneye clan?
      • Wavebreaker: Croaker, our clan's elder Lorechanter, has news of an amazing sign from Vulkoor, the god of our people. You should talk to him.
      • Wavebreaker: You can also speak with Gullwing and Craneclaw here in the camp. They need help rescuing clan members from the sahuagin.