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Smuggler's Rest

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This page is for the current version of Smuggler's Rest; for the former training area, see Smuggler's Rest (History).

Smuggler's Rest was removed from the game when the new player experience and Korthos Island was introduced. However, it has been re-introduced as part of the Treasure of Crystal Cove event.

Heavily updated and expanded for the event, it does still resemble the old version - although now danger lurks at every turn! While the event is active, pirates ranging from CR 1 kobolds to CR 30 ogres roam the island (verified up to CR 30), although they're passive until activated (by being attacked, being near another pirate who is attacked, or being near a treasure chest when it's opened). Sometimes you'll hear a whistle, similar in function to a bosun's call: that means that a CR 23, 28 or 33, red-named monster has just appeared nearby. Those are appreciably harder to defeat, and yield appreciably more plunder.

The only way to get to the island while the event is inactive is by being bound there and dying, or having somebody there use a Bracelet of Friends/Greater Bracelet of Friends to summon you. During the event, an NPC on the Harbor docks (near Arachnophobia) will transport PCs to Smuggler's Rest and back.


  • Vada Largo - barkeep inside the Rook's Gambit
  • Brother Gregory - Spirit Binder inside the Rook's Gambit
  • Sailor Calatin - transports you back to Stormreach Harbor; on the dock near Euphonia's ship
  • Euphonia Teles - tells you how many map pieces are required to open the Crystal Cove, or how long it will be open; on her ship, but only appears while the event is active
  • Perky Petra - advertises Butter-Rum Coffee and Pirate's Grog
  • Several sailors inside the Rook's Gambit who only appear during the event



N.B.: this list is likely incomplete as of 8 May 2014.

Named Monsters[edit]