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Ten Thousand Stars

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Icon Feat Ten Thousand Stars.png Ten Thousand Stars


Activate this ability to enter a trance for 30 seconds (or until you become uncentered) that gives you a chance to throw multiple shuriken at a time. Wisdom increases your chance for additional projectiles and increases the potential number of additional projectiles.

This ability will work with bows if you have the Zen Archery feat.

Activating this ability reduces your Doubleshot by -100% for 45 seconds. (Using the Ten Thousand Stars ability places Manyshot on a 30 second cooldown and vise-versa.)


  • Formula for extra projectiles (DDO Forums):
    • 1st extra projectile: 3*WisMod+30 percent chance
    • 2nd extra projectile: 3*WisMod-20 percent chance [minimum 24 Wisdom]
    • 3rd extra projectile: WisMod-15 percent chance [minimum 42 Wisdom]
    • Each projectile is rolled one after the next; ie you must successfully roll the first extra projectile for a chance at a second, and successfully roll the second for a chance at a third.
  • A Monk may select this feat as one of his martial arts feats.
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