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Cannith Crafting Tutorial

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There is a now, as of Update 32, a complete tutorial quest for Cannith Crafting. This page is intended to hopefully give you a simplified, step-by-step guide to complete this quest.

  1. Travel to House Kundarak via the gate
    in The Marketplace
  2. Directly ahead is the entrance to the Crafting Hall
    , which you need to enter.
  3. Acquire the quest line from Maker in the Crafting Hall
  4. Go to Courtney d'Cannith directly north or Reginald Belspry directly south of Maker.
  5. Speak with Maker
  6. Deconstruct the Quarterstaff...
  7. Speak with Maker
  8. Go to the room with the Bound Shard Crafting Emblem
  9. Combine the 10 Cannith Essences to create a "Minimum Level 1 Shard".
  10. Speak with Maker
    • Acquire a + Heavy mace+ Heavy mace: (1d8+ 20/x2): A simple weapon comprised of a solid blunt head attached to a haft.*, given free in the quest.
  11. Combine the + Heavy mace+ Heavy mace: (1d8+ 20/x2): A simple weapon comprised of a solid blunt head attached to a haft.* and Dust of Disjunction
    to create a Disjointed Heavy Mace*
  12. Speak with Maker For your final set of instructions.
  13. Go to the room with the Bound Item Crafting Emblem
  14. Combine the Disjointed Heavy Mace* and the "Minimum Level 1 Shard" to create a "+1 Heavy Mace".
  15. Speak with Maker to collect your end reward of 500XP, and choose one of three items: A Lesser Pendant of Travel (Bound to Character), a Greater Crafting Experience Elixir (Bound to Account), or 5 +25% Crafting Success Percentage Boosters (Bound to Account)
(* There is an option to substitute any weapon of your choice for the mace, but you have to provide it. Note that the first step, using the Dust of Disjunction, will remove any and all magic from the weapon! The final product still counts for the quest completion and xp.)