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A Guild, within the context of Dungeons and Dragons: Online, is a group of players who may share common interests and objectives. More often than not, a Guild operates on one, designated server.

Note: This page is not intended for Guilds in Dungeons & Dragons Online to promote their guild. It is intended to hold information involving the new Guild System.


You can create a Guild by going to Social tab from your main menu and selecting the Guild tab. Enter in the name of the Guild you wish to create and then click on the Create button. If all goes well and if the name is not already taken you will then become the leader of your very own guild.

Premium and Free to Play accounts will need to purchase a Official Guild Charter from the DDO Store to be able to create a Guild.


All official guild commands listed within the in game help file. All commands are usable by the leader of the guild, createrank however seems to be broken and won't work.

(Admin): usage: /guild < create | disband | recruit | accept | decline | quit | expel | promote | demote | motd | successor | resign | rename | createrank | removerank | changeranklevel | changerankname | ranks >
  • create <name> - Create a guild with yourself as the leader.
  • disband - Disband your guild.
  • recruit <name> - Recruit the target into your guild.
  • accept - Accept your current guild recruitment request.
  • decline - Decline your current guild recruitment request.
  • quit - Voluntarily leave your guild.
  • expel <name> - Expel the guild member from your guild.
  • promote <name> - Promote the guild member to the next higher rank.
  • demote <name> - Demote the guild member to the next lower rank.
  • motd <motd> - Set the message of the day for your guild.
  • successor <name> - Make the guild member the member who will succeed you as leader when you resign.
  • resign - Step down as leader. (This will automatically promote your successor to leader.)
  • rename <name> - Attempt to rename the guild. This command will only work if you guild has been credited for rename.
  • createrank <name> - Creates a new guild rank.
  • removerank <name> - Removes a guild rank.
  • changeranklevel <name> <level> - Changes the level of a rank; where this rank falls in the promotion/demotion hierarchy. (This command is currently disabled due to bugs)
  • changerankname <oldname> <newname> - Changes the name of a rank. (This command is currently disabled due to bugs)
  • ranks - Displays all the guilds ranks in order, highest to lowest.


Joining a guild is based on that specific guild's requirements. Some actively recruit from the General Chat channels whilst others require you to fill out an application to join the guild. Whichever method is employed, there is a type of guild for everybody - small, large, social, raiding, casual, permadeath, etc.

The Guild Tab in the Social Panel
  • There are four levels of seniority in a guild
    • Member:
      • Gives you access to the Guild's Airship
      • Gives you access to the Guild chat feature.
    • Officer:
      • Adds the ability to:
        • Add or remove Members only
        • Purchase new upgraded Airships
        • Add to or change the people and shrines on the Guild's Airship
        • Change the MotDMessage of the Day
    • Successor:
      • This is only a flag.. You can be a Member Successor or an Officer Successor
    • Leader:
      • Adds the ability to:
        • Add or remove any patron from the guild
        • Promote or demote patrons of your guild to or from Officer
        • Assign a Successor
        • Resign as guild Leader
        • Disband the guild

Inactive Leadership[edit]

This seniority becomes important in the event that the higher powers become AWOL as such:

  • The successor (if assigned) can now usurp a guild if the leader has been inactive for 60 days.
  • Officers can now usurp a guild after 60 days if there is no successor, or if the leader and successor has been inactive for 60 days.


The recruiting process of a guild is up to the Officers of the Guild. If you have a Guild Level of 5 and are an officer, you can send a Guild Recruiting Sigil via the in-game mail system; just go to a mailbox, click the "Guild Invite" button, and type in the name of the character you would like to recruit.

You can advertise for guild members in a public area in the General chat channel, or post information about your Guild on the DDO forums for the server your guild is on, or even invite those you group with on a regular basis.

Guild Level[edit]

There are a maximum of 200 Guild Levels, a guild goes up in level by getting Guild Renown (see below). The higher the level the more benefits a guild has, which includes bigger airships, amenities and crew for your airships.

You can find a list of benefits unlocked as your Guild progresses at the Guild Level page.

Guild Renown[edit]

Guild Renown Awarded Message
Heroic Deeds from Chest Loot

Guild Renown is the XP System for Guilds. The more guild renown your guild accumulates the higher in Guild Level it can achieve. Whenever an NPC is killed in a quest you are involved in there is a chance you will gain some renown from that kill whether or not you were the one that made the kill. Renown can also be gained from chest rewards and end quest rewards.

If your Guild gains too much Renown in a single day, then the percentage chance of any of the guild members gaining renown for the rest of that day decreases.

  • Guild Renown in chests and end rewards comes in 50 (Heroic Deeds), 150 (Tales of Valor), 500 (Impressive Trophy) and 1,000 (Legendary Victory) point varieties.
  • Guild Renown for slaying enemies comes in 5, 15, 25, 50, and 150 point varieties.

Guild Airships (Guild Housing)[edit]

An Airship

Guild Airships are the DDO version of Guild Housing, an extensive guide to gaining and populating them can be found at the Guild Airships page.

Guild Crafting[edit]

Certain items from the game when looted from chests will have the ability for Guild Augment Crystals to be crafted onto it. More information can be found at the Guild Crafting page.

As of Update 17, the revamped Augment Slot system generates items looted from chests with these new slots only. Players who have existing Guild Augment slot items can still keep and use their items and get guild gems from the vendors in House Kundarak. However, no further new items with Guild Augment Slots will drop in-game.