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Item:Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment

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Reason: Cannith Crafting
Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment icon.png
DDO Examination Panel

Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment


Emitting a small amount of light and warmth, these specially traded Eberron dragonshard fragments are the key to many advanced crafting recipies.


Trade in from the Crafting Hall vendors:

  • 1 Token of the Twelve = 1 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment
  • 20 Astral Shards = 4 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments
  • 35 Astral Shards = 9 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments
  • 50 Astral Shards = 16 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments
  • 1 Small Eberron Dragonshard = 1 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragment
  • 1 Medium Eberron Dragonshard = 2 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments
  • 1 Large Eberron Dragonshard = 3 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments

NOTE: As of Update 32 Patch 1, you can no longer turn in Ability Tomes or Upgrade Tomes for Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments, but the upcoming Update 33 is scheduled to restore this functionality. As of this writing, the vendor's barter window still shows the option to do this trade-in; presumably, trying it will not work.