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Jeets Shimis

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Jeets Shimis.jpg

Name: Jeets Shimis

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Grotto, The Mindsunder

Affiliation(s): Coin Lords


Description: Jeets is an halfling rogue that will guide through your first adventures in The Grotto. He and his party then helps you by distracting Aussircaex while you go in search of the Quori Mindsunder. After that, he becomes the Rogue trainer in the Harbor, just outside the Wayward Lobster. Much later, you will encounter him again insinde Wylkes Manor, suffering from an endless sleep state.

Shipwreck Shore[edit]

Main article: Shipwreck Shore

Before entering dialogue:

  • Jeets Shimis: You're awake! Hoy, you ain't undead, are you?
  • Jeets Shimis: Can you talk? Speak to me.
  • Jeets Shimis: Can you move?

The Grotto[edit]

Main article: The Grotto
  • On a colorful note, in The Grotto he declares himself hydrophobic.

Misery's Peak[edit]

Main article: Misery's Peak

After rescuing Lars Heyton, and being directed at Misery's Peak, you will find again Jeets and his party.

  • Jeets Shimis: Hoy, you haven't gotten into any more shipwrecks, have you?

After you destroy the Mindsunder, he will meet you with the others:

  • Jeets Shimis: Hey! Over here!
  • Jeets Shimis: Next time, you fight the Dragon and I'll break the crystal.

The Harbor[edit]

Main article: The Harbor

Jeets can be found outside The Wayward Lobster and is a Rogue Trainer.

  • Jeets Shimis: Hoy, <name>! Made it to Stormreach then - good for you!
  • Jeets Shimis: The Harbor's a great place for an adventurer such as yourself. All sorts of folk willing to shell out a pretty copper for your services. Just chat 'em up and see that they want!
  • Jeets Shimis: Now, if you fancy learning some Rogue tricks, I'd be honored to shaz it up with you.

I Dream of Jeets[edit]

Main article: I Dream of Jeets

Jeets' mind is being kept imprisoned by his four (five?) main desires: Treasure, confort, ale, (pork products) and the desire to do good. During the three firsts, you are fighting dream monsters that are giving out what he desires most, to unify his mind and allow him to return to the real world. However, once his material desires no longer work to keep him imprisoned, the Devourer of Dreams makes his last move, and throw him against you.

"Hoy, get your ugly mitts off that pretty lass!"

Once he fails to protect the damsel, his mind will break down, and he stops attacking. Then you can finally force his mind to escape the prison and return to reality.

Wylkes Manor[edit]

Main article: Inspired Quarter

While affected by the eternal sleep effect, Jeets only give out murmurs about his dreams. He can be heard saying:

  • "... zzzzz ..."
  • "... mmmmphf ..."
  • "... Give me another, barkeep ..."
  • "... Don't worry, girls, there's plenty of Jeets to go around ..."
  • "... Crikey, look at all that treasure!"
  • "... No! Stay out of my dreams!"
  • "... Celimas ..."
  • "BACON!"

Once you finish I Dream of Jeets, he awakes, but still requires rest. However, he trusts you with some info:

  • Jeets Shimis: Unh ... What's going on? My head feels like a pack of monsters had an all-night bash in it and didn't wash up after.
  • Jeets Shimis: Wait ... I remember now! You've got to go to the Dar Qat Trade Mission and stop them from taking over Stormreach!
    • You: Stop who? What happened?
      • Jeets Shimis: I went to the Trade Mission and those Dar Qat blokes aren't what they claim to be. They've got a Mindsunder hidden away and they're using its, whatdoyoucallit, psychic energy to convert everyone in Stormreach ito mindless followers in a matter of days!
      • Jeets Shimis: You've got to go to the Trade Mission and destroy the Mindsunder!
      • Jeets Shimis: ... But I wouldn't walk in through the front door if I were you. That place is crawling with guards. Try to find somewhere you can get in sneaky-like.
        • You: All right, I'll go to the Trade Mission and destroy the Mindsunder. (Bestow quest)
    • You: Slow down. First tell me what happened to you inside the Inspiration Center.
      • Jeets Shimis: After I discovered the Dar Qat lot was up to no good I went to the Inspiration Center to see how it tied in.
      • Jeets Shimis: I made an, ah, unauthorized entry through one of the back doors and was looking around when some geezer in a robe spotted me. Then I fell asleep for some reason ...
      • Jeets Shimis: After that all I remember is dreaming of girls, gold, and gallons of ale. And you.
      • Jeets Shimis: Here now, what were you doing inside my dream?
        • You: I'll explain later. Right now tell me what you found out about the Trade Mission. (see above)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make him say:

  • Jeets Shimis: Oof, my head feels like there are a dozen air elementals bouncing around up there - but why are you still there? Go to the Trade Mission and destroy the Mindsunder!

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Jeets Shimis: Mm, what? You destroyed the Mindsunder? Well done!
  • Jeets Shimis: Maybe now we can all finally get a proper night's rest, full of sweet dreams of victory ... and treasure ... and ale ... zzzzzzz.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Jeets Shimis: Mmmf ... I must have dozed off again. But hold on, that Mindsunder at the Trade Mission needs to be destroyed!