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Talk:Starting a Ranger

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I don't know enough to make too many content changes. Hopefully someone who does will fix some of the following issues:

  • If this page is going to recommend a build, it should have the common two ranger builds: melee emphasized and ranged emphasized, not one the author says, "The vast majority of people that I have grouped with think that this character build is insane."
  • Some of this page reflects the opinions of one person, rather than balanced facts that people who don't know anything want to have to make their own decisions. " my regular group..."
  • There is too much bad hyperbole on this page. "you'd be barking mad if...," "MUST-HAVE," "outweights [sic] the vast majority...," and probably others. GregJ 01:09, September 7, 2011

Agreed on most points.. Tagged page as help improve. I think this is an ancient page from 2006 that might of been somewhat accurate at the time, but hasn't really been well maintained over the years and by todays standards many of the recommended builds in there are imo, terrible.

If your a veteran ranger player and feel you can improve it, go for it. Any formatting issues or questions you have you can ask here, and we'll help clean it up too.

Really looks like the whole article may benefit from heavy edit from a veteran ranger player.. EG not me heh, I never play rangers so I won't muck with it. PS: Always sign your talk posts by using four tildes - ex type this: ~~~~ or use the signature button in the toolbar, or better yet use the post template im using here. Shade 02:08, September 7, 2011 (EDT)

I can add some information about ranged combat --Gilthir 10:27, December 22, 2011 (EST)

Favored Enemy[edit]

I understand that up to a certain point, this is mostly a matter of preference given some build. But I don't understand how the author "understands" Monstrous Humanoids for saying that they are rarely used (really? Is there any statistic to support this assertion?)... Especially since Construct is mentioned as a favored one, then IMHO Monstrous Humanoids should also be in the list. These monsters are there from Plvl 1 to the end, all creatures of the Sahuagin, the Hag, the minotaurs and the Wildman races, and many special bosses like those of the Race iMedusa, Yuan-ti bosses, etc. More over, even though reptilians are numerous they're also in for being quite easy targets: again IMHO, these feats should be used for foes that are harder to kill then others given some Plvl (Player level) as long as these are not "rare" enemies (e.g. mobs of reptilians are mostly easy to get by compared to other races, there's no real need of a special feat for these). It should not be forgotten that Minotaurs can be quite annoying for archers due to their speed when they charge (they get fast in melee attack range) --HawkFest (ContributionsMessage) 21:33, April 16, 2015 (EDT)