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Category:Parrying items

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Nicked Longsword

Chimera's FangDream EdgeEthereal BracersSwashbucklerSwashbuckler (Level 12)Swashbuckler (Level 4)Swashbuckler (Level 8)

Coat of the TravelerDisciple of the DawnMemory of Hiding in DarknessMist-laden VestmentPlatemail of the Barovian LordScale-Stone of AvariceScale-Stone of MaliceScales of AvariceScales of MaliceWarsword Shield

Bladed Steel RingEpic Chimera's FangEpic Swashbuckler (Level 20)SwashbucklerSwashbuckler (Level 16)

Scales of the Exile

Balizarde, Protector of the KingBracers of the Sun SoulEpic Chimera's FangEpic Swashbuckler (Level 20)OathbladeSwashbucklerSwashbuckler (Level 16)

Breastplate of the Celestial AvengerBreastplate of the Celestial SageDocent of the Celestial AvengerDocent of the Celestial SageLeathers of the Celestial ArcherLeathers of the Celestial AvengerLeathers of the Celestial SageOutfit of the Celestial AvengerOutfit of the Celestial GuardianPlatemail of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial SageRobe of the Celestial SageScalemail of the Celestial AvengerScalemail of the Celestial Sage

Cerulean GuardLegendary Scale-Stone of AvariceLegendary Scale-Stone of MaliceLegendary Scales of AvariceLegendary Scales of Malice

Legendary Coat of the TravelerLegendary Disciple of the DawnLegendary Memory of Hiding in DarknessLegendary Mist-laden VestmentLegendary Platemail of the Barovian LordLegendary Scales of the Exile


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