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Category:Pages mentioning a Turbine employee

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Developer list[edit]

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(3) {{Developer|404error}} 404error
(1) {{Developer|Adam Mersky}} (former producer of communications) Adam Mersky
(1) {{Developer|Bulwark}} Bulwark
(3) {{Developer|Cocomajobo}} Cocomajobo
(43) {{Developer|Cordovan}} Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan)
(6) {{Developer|DeadlyGazebo}} DeadlyGazebo
(2) {{Developer|DrOctothorpe}} DrOctothorpe
(33) {{Developer|Eladrin}} (former developer) Eladrin
(18) {{Developer|Feather_of_Sun}} (former developer) Feather_of_Sun
(14) {{Developer|Fernando}} (former producer) Fernando
(3) {{Developer|FlimsyFirewood}} FlimsyFirewood
(1) {{Developer|Frelorn}} Frelorn
(2) {{Developer|Genasi}} Genasi
(3) {{Developer|Glin}} (former producer) Glin
(3) {{Developer|Knockback}} Knockback
(1) {{Developer|KoboldTerror}} KoboldTerror
(1) {{Developer|KookieKobold}} KookieKobold
(1) {{Developer|Lynnabel}} (former intern) Lynnabel
(4) {{Developer|MadFloyd}} (former developer) MadFloyd
(1) {{Developer|MajorMalphunktion}} (former QA & producer) MajorMalphunktion
(2) {{Developer|Nereid}} (former producer) Nereid
(1) {{Developer|Nohbob}} Nohbob
(8) {{Developer|NoWorries}} (former developer) NoWorries
(3) {{Developer|Phax}} (former developer) Phax
(5) {{Developer|ProducerRowan}} (former director) ProducerRowan
(1) {{Developer|Quarion}} Quarion
(1) {{Developer|QuartermasterX}} QuartermasterX
(20) {{Developer|Severlin}} (executive producer) Severlin
(2) {{Developer|Silorien}} Silorien
(1) {{Developer|Sporkfire}} Sporkfire
(17) {{Developer|SteelStar}} SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar)
(2) {{Developer|SqueakofDoom}} (former developer) SqueakofDoom
(12) {{Developer|Tolero}} Tolero
(1) {{Developer|Torc}} Torc
(9) {{Developer|Vargouille}} Vargouille
(1) {{Developer|Vesuvium}} Vesuvium
(4) {{Developer|Vyvyanne}} (former director) Vyvyanne


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