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Category:Insightful Constitution items

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Arkat's CordArkat's Cord (Level 25)Bracers of the Fallen HeroBracers of the Sun SoulBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 23)Daggertooth's BeltDaggertooth's Belt (Level 24)Daggertooth's Belt (Level 25)Epic Bracers of the ClawEpic Brawn's SpiritsEpic Ring of BaphometEpic Stinkpelt's HideJeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)Leaves of the ForestLeaves of the Forest (Level 22)Lion's ManeLivewood CoreLivewood Core (Level 22)Lore-Fueled PackbannerPurple Dragon GauntletsScale-Stone of MaliceScales of MaliceSeal of House Dun'RobarSymbol of the Slave Lords

Bulwark of the Storm's FistBulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 24)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 25)Embrace of the Spider QueenEpic Arcane ArmorEpic Emerald GuardEpic Scales of SuretyEpic Stone ExoskeletonHelm of the Black Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 25)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 25)Hide of the GoristroLeaves of the ForestLeaves of the Forest (Level 23)Leaves of the Forest (Level 24)Livewood CoreLivewood Core (Level 23)Livewood Core (Level 24)Mythic Minos LegensNecklace of Mystic EidolonsPlanar Focus of ProwessScales of the ExileTerrorweb Chitin Breastplate

Epic Lion's ManeMythic Arcane ArmorNecklace of Mystic Eidolons

Legendary Scale-Stone of MaliceLegendary Scales of MaliceLegendary Symbol of the Slave Lords

Echo of the IconLegendary Bracers of the Fallen HeroLegendary Lore-Fueled PackbannerLegendary Scales of the Exile


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