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Brother Mirashai

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Brother Mirashai.jpg

Name: Mirashai

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): The Silver Flame, Kurvic the Hound


Description: Transports between Stormreach and Sorrowdusk Isle. At the ship, also acts as a Spirit Binder

House Deneith[edit]

At any time you can approach him for his offer on transportation:

  • Brother Mirashai: Are you looking for passage on the Eye of Kol Korran? I am helping gather adventurers who would risk the dangerous journey to Sorrowdusk isle...
    • You: What awaits me at Sorrowdusk?
      • Brother Mirashai: A sea-captain named Kurvic the Hound recently voyaged to Sorrowdusk Isle in search of treasure, and found death for his crew instead. Now House Kundarak and the Silver Flame are jointly sponsoring a second expedition to discover what killed Kurvic's crew. It is a dangerous mission....
        • You: What sort of danger?
          • Brother Mirashai: Ogres and trolls, Kurvic said. Savages. but the Silver Flame's archives speak of an temple to the dark gods there, long ago. It's been ruined for years, but if the demons of that place have been disturbed....
            • You: All right, I'm interested. Where do I find this Kurvic?
              • Brother Mirashai: Kurvic is aboard his ship, the Eye of Kol Korran, preparing for the return journey to Sorrowdusk. Let us hurry to the docks before he sets sail! (Sent to Eye of Kol Korran)
            • You: I am otherwise engaged, but perharps later. (Walk away)
    • You: I've got no time for that now. (Walk away)

After you acquire the chain Grey Moon Waning, his options change a bit:

  • Brother Mirashai: Hello again. What word from Sorrowdusk?
    • You: As Kurvic reported, the ogres and trolls of Sorrowdusk have grown vicious and warlike. I must return and find out why.
      • Brother Mirashai: Of course. Let us set out for the docks....
    • You: I have nothing to report.
      • Brother Mirashai: ?????????????????

After you acquire the chain Cult of the Six, his options change again:

  • Brother Mirashai: Good day to you. Have you brought peace to Sorrowdusk yet?
    • You: The cult of the Six has taken root there, and the isle is anything but peaceful. I seek return passage to resume the eradication of this dark threat.
      • Brother Mirashai: Ah, so the Church's fears were justified. If only the Silver Flame could spare a company of paladins to purge Sorrowdusk! But such a diversion from the protection of Stormreach would be strategically disastrous. we must count on you to solve this problem for us. Hurry, for the Eye of Kol Korran sails with the tide.
    • You: I can't talk now, Brother Mirashai.
      • Brother Mirashai: Very well. May the Flame light your path.

After you complete both chains, his options change for the last time:

  • Brother Mirashai: Well done, my brother! The cult of the Six on Sorrowdusk is obliterated once more, and the Silver Flame is in your debt.
    • You: Thank you. Would you take me back to Kurvic's Ship? I have a bit of unfinished business....
      • Brother Mirashai: Of course! The cult may be broken, but there will always be evil to smite on that accursed island. Come this way....
    • You: I was glad to help. Now, though, I must seek other battles.
      • Brother Mirashai: Very well. May the Flame light your path.

Eye of Kol Korran[edit]

As you get into the back area of the ship, he calls you closer.

  • Brother Mirashai: Greetings again, child. How may I help you?
    • You: I need to go back to Stormreach.
      • Brother Mirashai: Of course—the return voyage to Stormreach will get underway shortly. Should you wish to book passage on the Eye of Kol Korran again, you need but ask.
    • You: Where might I find Captain Kurvic?
      • Brother Mirashai: Last I saw Kurvic, he was inspecting a cabin near the bow of the ship, on the larboard side. I'm sure he'll want to speak with you.
    • You: I'm all right for now, thank you.
      • Brother Mirashai: Be it so. I will bide here.