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Category:Intelligence items

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Girdle of Giants' BrawnGirdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 12)

Arcane NecklaceGrundok's BootsYarkuch's HelmZizoo's Spangle

Cloak of SilenceGlobe of Imperial Blood (historic)Golden CartouchePuzzle CapScarlet and Blue Ioun StoneZulkash's Bone Necklace

Girdle of Giants' BrawnGirdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 13)

Diabolist's DocentDiabolist's RobeIllusionist's GarbTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 4)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (level 4)

Chaos BandDark Scarab PowderIntricate Field Optics (Level 12)Intricate Field Optics (Level 13)Intricate Field Optics (Level 14)Jeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Memories of InsightSignet of the Silver FlameTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 8)

Elder's CapHelm of the Blue Dragon (historic)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 12)Ring of Unknown OriginsRose Quartz Sigil StoneScepter of the FleshweaverStave of the SeerTreasure Hunter's SpyglassTreasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 12)

Deific DiademDragontouched ArmorEpic Elder's CapHelm of the Blue Dragon (Level 13)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 14)Intricate LensesJeweled Cloak (Level 23)Kormor's RingMagewright's SpectaclesMaster Transmuter's StaffPhasecloakRahkir's RingSanura's BandScarlet and Blue Ioun StoneScarlet and Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Staff of Inner SightStaff of the Golden WizardStormreaver's NapkinTinker's GogglesTitan's FistTotemic LavalierXachosian Eardweller

Epic Diabolist's DocentEpic Diabolist's RobeEpic Illusionist's GarbEpic Staff of Inner SightGloves of the Master IllusionistJeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)Seal of House SzindTiara of Madness

Deep DemiseGloves of the Master IllusionistGloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 19)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 25)Intricate Field Optics (Level 23)Intricate Field Optics (Level 24)Intricate Field Optics (Level 25)Mantle of the Dwarven CommanderPlanar Focus of EruditionPlanar Focus of SubterfugeSage's Spectacles (Level 15)Spidersilk RobesStone HeartStormreaver's Tablecloth

Sage's Spectacles (Level 27)

Gloves of the Master IllusionistGloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 26)Gloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 27)Libram of Silver Magic

Epic Deific DiademEpic Eye of the BeholderEpic Fanged GlovesEpic Memories of InsightGlass CannonGloves of the Master IllusionistGloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 28)Libram of Silver Magic

Belt of Braided Beards

Legendary Deep DemiseLegendary Mantle of the Dwarven Commander

Legendary PhasecloakLegendary Rose Quartz Sigil StoneLegendary Tiara of Madness

Echo of the Tome of Strahd


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