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Category:Dexterity items

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The following is a list of all items with a Dexterity Stat boost that can be found in the game.

Bronkarz's CloakJade RingMoog's OrnamentNimble BroochPathfinder's NecklacePower EvidenceTroubleshooter's Necklace

Cloak of SilenceDeep Red Ioun StoneGlobe of Imperial Blood (historic)Ring of the BuccaneerRing of the Buccaneer (Level 4)Thuranni Stalker's MailUtility Vest

Arlyn's RingBlademaster BracersGloves of Forgotten Craft (historic)Mysterious RingRing of the BuccaneerRing of the Buccaneer (Level 4)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 8)Steady Handed Armbands (historic)Tainted Helm of Mystery

CestiClimbing HookCreation Forge GirdleGloves of Forgotten CraftGloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 12)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 13)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 14)Gloves of the FalconJeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Knight's SabatonsMadstone BootsRing of the BuccaneerRing of the Buccaneer (Level 12)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 8)Staff of Nat GannSteady Handed ArmbandsSteady Handed Armbands (Level 12)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 13)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 14)

Bolstered BandolierDocent of GraceHelm of the Black Dragon (historic)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 12)Raven's TalonsRing of the BuccaneerRing of the Buccaneer (Level 12)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 16)Ring of VenomSpectral Gloves

Armbands of the Silenced Ones (level 13)Bone CrusherBow of the Jade ElfBracers of the Hidden BladeBraided CutcordBreastplate of VolConnor's BandDeep Red Ioun StoneDeep Red Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Dragontouched ArmorEpic Raven's TalonsEpic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 20)Epic Ring of VenomEpic Utility VestGilvaenor's RingHelm of the Black Dragon (Level 13)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 14)Inferno BracersJeweled Cloak (Level 23)Kilau's BandMadstone BootsMorah's BandPrisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 14)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 15)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 16)Ring of DeftnessRing of the BuccaneerRing of the Buccaneer (Level 16)Shadow's FootstepsSteady Handed ArmbandsSteady Handed Armbands (Level 23)Tharne's BracersTinker's GlovesTreads of Falling ShadowTreads of Falling Shadow (Level 16)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 17)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 18)TumbleweedVile BlasphemyWhisper Ring

Cannoneer's GogglesEpic Bow of the Elements (Air)Epic Docent of GraceEpic Gloves of the FalconEpic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 20)Epic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 24)Epic Spectral GlovesEpic Staff of Nat GannJeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)Leathers of the WoodsmanMask of the VulkoorimRing of the BuccaneerSeal of House AvithoulSteady Handed ArmbandsSteady Handed Armbands (Level 24)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 25)Treads of Falling ShadowTreads of Falling Shadow (Level 23)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 24)

Epic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 24)Gloves of Forgotten CraftGloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 23)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 24)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 25)Goatskin BootsGoatskin Boots (Level 26)Goatskin Boots (Level 27)Goatskin Boots (Level 28)Halcyon BootsHelm of the Black Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 25)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 25)Hide of the GoristroMutineer's BladePlanar Focus of ProwessPlanar Focus of SubterfugeRing of the BuccaneerSkirmisher's Bracers (Level 15)Spider-spun CaparisonStone HeartTreads of Falling ShadowTreads of Falling Shadow (Level 25)

Prisoner's ManaclesPrisoner's Manacles (Level 25)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 26)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 27)Skirmisher's Bracers (Level 26)

The Rising Light

Armbands of the Silenced Ones (level 28)Dumathoin's BracersEpic Bone CrusherEpic Ethereal BracersEpic Mentau's GogglesMythic Bone Crusher

Strange Tidings

Legendary Bracers of the Hidden Blade

Legendary Braided CutcordLegendary Mask of the VulkoorimLegendary Shadow's Footsteps

Van Richten's Spectacles

Earthshatter WarhammerInsanity


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