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Bogwater Tavern

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Concept art for Bogwater Tavern

This is an inn in the southwest corner of House Phiarlan with level 4-6 quests. The entrance is located beside the Hidden Chapel and the airship access.

Bogwater Tavern Flag
Bogwater Tavern Front Door

NPCs of note[edit]

Bogwater Tavern Loading Screen
Two bar patrons in the back talk about breaking into the Vault of Night - these are Velah in the form of a red-haired elf and the designer of the Vault, Arach.

  • If you approach the red-haired elf-Velah: We desire privacy -- leave us be.
  • If you approach the dwarf-Arach: The lady and I are trying to have a conversation here.
  • If you wait patiently (or run back and forth past the table), you will hear:
  • Velah: The key to the Prophecy is in the vault -- will you not help me, my love?
  • Arach: I won't have any problems getting in -- after all, I designed the vault!
  • Velah: My dear, do as I ask and I will ever be grateful.
  • Arach: If I do this, my brothers will never forgive me.
  • Velah: Yes, yes, I know your house of bankers will not approve of our liason(sic). But does it matter?
  • Arach: The golem will help when the time comes.