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Zerchi Spire-Keeper

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Zerchi Spire-Keeper.jpg

Name: Zerchi Spire-Keeper

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: The Marketplace, near the auctioneer, between The Bazaar and Falconer's Spire (the Market airship tower)

Description: Provides transportation between Stormreach and The Foothold.

The Marketplace[edit]

When you first approach him, he will say:

  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: Before you stands Falconer's Spire, the heart of House Lyrandar in Stormreach!
  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: Many guild airships regularly dock here.
  • You: Is there anyone who can help me get passage to the Restless Isles?
  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: A famous investigator, Ingaram the Inquisitive, has recently been interviewing patrons at the Wayward Lobster in the Harbor.
  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: Ingaram has connections all over Eberron—perhaps he knows of a private airship with an empty berth. But you'll need real combat experience before Ingaram will trust you as a partner!

After you complete the quest Hiding in Plain Sight, he will allow you to board:

  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: Ingaram the Inquisitive is happy with your work! He's approved a berth for you on the Soaring Otyugh.
  • Zerchi Spire-Keeper: Are you ready to head for the Restless Isles?
    • You: Yes, take me to the Restless Isles.