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Xachosian Spell Frenzy

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Name: Xachosian Spell Frenzy
Caster level: 18
Charge: 3 Charges (Recharged/Day: 1)
Target: Self
Duration: 1 minute
Found on:

Spurred into action, the Xachosian Eardweller increases its hosts spellcasting abilities. this grants a +25 psionic bonus to Spell Power for 1 minute. This effect stacks with other (non-Psionic) spell boosting item effects or potions and does not effect the spells you cast with wands and scrolls. When the effect ends, the host is exhausted.

Spellcasters using the active effect will be exhausted after its effect wears off. This can be compensated for by carrying potions of Lesser Restoration.

Three Xachosian Larva will spawn in your inventory after the disease effect wears off naturally. Note: Wearing a Disease Immunity item when the Xachosian Spell Frenzy ends will negate the disease portion and not grant any Larva. It can be re-equipped once infected, but before it wears off, to prevent any stat damage from the disease.