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Wayfinder Skavyr

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Wayfinder Skavyr.jpg

Name: Wayfinder Skavyr

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Receives Quest(s):

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: Zawabi's Refuge

Description: Ornery and sunburned

Zawabi's Refuge[edit]

When you talk to him, he will tell you:

  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Sand—I hate it! It gets in your armor. It gets in your beard. It gets in your teeth! I've eaten more sand in the past week than real food! And by 'real food,' I mean roast lizard, salted mush, and worse. But I would put up with the sand—I would kiss the dunes every morning—if it weren't for the miserable sun! This sunburn is killing me! The Wayfinders sent me to the Demon Sands on a mission of discovery, but all I've discovered is that dwarves and deserts don't mix.
  • You: Can I help you complete your mission?
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: That you might! The Wayfinders want to know more about the Menechtarun and its hazards. We've already mapped out the major points of interest. We know the Wizard-King's tomb is out there, we know about the Vulkoorim Spiral, and so forth. But there are rumors of lesser tombs, scorrow pits, and gnoll warrens—out-of-the-way locations we'd love to explore. If you venture into any such places, come back and tell me about them! That way I can make a full report to the Wayfinders. I can pay you well, for I brought a wagonload of adventuring equipment that's worthless to me. At least as long as I suffer from this cursed sunburn!
  • You: If I explore any undiscovered sites, I'll let you know.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Excellent! I would travel with you, but I can hardly move. Blast this sunburn! Ow! ow!

After you find and complete The Chamber of Rahmat, he will say:

  • Wayfinder Skavyr: This has been a bad day. I begged the magicians of Zawabi's Refuge for a way to cure my sunburn, but they are overwhelmingly wizards and sorcerers, not healers. The outcast priestess Calyx finally suggested a ward against sunlight, but it involved ritual scarring with scorpion venom! Frankly, I think she just wanted to get rid of me. Now—have you made any discoveries that would interest the Wayfinders?
  • You: Recount your adventure in the Tomb of the Physician.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Skavyr listens with rapt attention to your tale. So you found the tomb of the Wizard-King's loyal physician, eh? It is said that when Raiyum the Eternal became a lich, he realized he no longer needed a doctor's care. So he flayed Rahmat alive, devoured his organs and drank his blood, praising him all the while for making such a delicious and healthful meal! Aye, Raiyum's lich was insane and evil, and indeed still is. I will gladly pay for your discovery—the Wayfinders are interested in all relics of the Wizard-King's fatal reign.
  • You: Thank you, Skavyr.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Thank you for helping me compile my report. I look forward to future tales of adventure!

After you find and complete The Chamber of Kourush, he will say:

  • Wayfinder Skavyr: <name>, my friend! My skin is as scorched as ever, but Iosynne d'Phiarlan says the next load of supplies from Stormreach will include a soothing ointment of marvelous efficacy. I can only pray that it does not arrive too late. But enough of my petty complaints! Have you explored some location in which the Wayfinders would be interested?
  • You: Recount your adventure in the Tomb of the Astrologer.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Skavyr listens intently to your story. The Tomb of the Astrologer has been found! Amazing! Of all Raiyum's advisors, the mystic Kourush came closest to matching Raiyum's own power. Some say Raiyum and Kourush competed to achieve lichhood, each knowing that the other would destroy him if he lost the race. Finally, Queen Lailat gave Raiyum the knowledge he needed, and Raiyum's lich gave Kourush eternal undeath as a cursed mummy. Not long afterwards, Queen lailat trapped the Wizard-King inside his vast tomb. I wonder... did Queen Lailat fear Kourush more than Raiyum? In any case, your tale is a good one, and I will reward you gladly.
  • You: Thank you, Skavyr.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Thank you for helping me compile my report. I look forward to future tales of adventure!

After you find and complete Raid the Vulkoorim, he will say:

  • Wayfinder Skavyr: I am writing a cookbook for travelers in the Menechtarun. There are but two ingredients, sand and sun, and one dish, called 'Nasty Heatstroke Surprise!' I have outwitted dragons, unraveled mummies and won staring contests with beholders, but this rentless sun will be the death of me. Have you any new discoveries to relate?
  • You: Recount your adventure in the Vulkoorim Creche.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Skavyr nods thoughtfully. You have performed a great service by exterminating the prest-scorrow from their hatchery. They combine the divine power of arch-clerics with the morals of vermin. The scorrow have few friends outside the drow race, but the Vulkoorim are repugnant even to certain drow. Calyx Shattermoon, for example, seems determined to get herself assassinated by the god Vulkoor himself! Such defiance in the face of the gods is the hallmark of heroes and fools. The Wayfinders will be fascinated to learn where the Vulkoorim breed their vast numbers, and you have earned a fine reward.
  • You: Thank you, Skavyr.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Thank you for helping me compile my report. I look forward to future tales of adventure!

After you find and complete Maraud the Mines, he will say:

  • Wayfinder Skavyr: I hope you have an interesting story to share. I tried to pass the time by chatting with the mad magicians who live hereabouts, and the results were abysmal. Calyx is a fanatic, Miroc is senile, and Jaefan tells lies for sport. Please, save me from death by sand and boredom, and give me a tale worth hearing!
  • You: Recount your adventure in the Firebrand Mines.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: Skavyr's eyes glow with excitement as you describe the Firebrand Mines. Such a fantastic source of gems might pay the Wayfinders' budget for years! Assuming we could pry it away from the gnolls, of course. The Firebrands must be desperate to keep their motherlode secret—otherwise, why aren't they forcing their slaves to mine the gems? It must gall them to perform such brutal labor by themselves... You have certainly earned your reward. I only wish I could have seen the place for myself!
  • You: Thank you, Skavyr.
  • Wayfinder Skavyr: By the way, if you are looking for a trader who deals in uncut gems, Behn the Prospector is your dwarf!